14 Aug

Still getting used to this whole “having a smaller class” thing. I even felt surprised when my last kid showed up on Monday and I thought “Is that really all of them?” Better enjoy that while I can! I was pretty tired Monday morning but still eked out 30 minutes on the gazelle, prepped dinner at nap-time and went to the gym after work. I did 30 minutes (2 miles exactly) on the treadmill at a quick walking pace.

Just like last Monday, I had dinner completely made besides the actual cooking part and had it ready in the fridge to pop in the oven during Bible study. I made Noodle Kugel off a recipe torn out of some magazine that I don’t know since the name isn’t on the page! First I chopped up an onion and sautéed it in butter with the tiniest amount of sugar while a pot of boiling, salted water cooked a package of whole wheat wide egg noodles. Into a food processor I put eggs, 1% cottage cheese, milk (it called for whole but I used 2%, I though the almond milk would be too thin for this), a little cinnamon and FAGE (instead of sour cream).


I pulsed it until it was smooth then in a large bowl tossed the pasta, onions and liquid mixture all together. Put it in a greased baking dish for later and let it set in the fridge.


After the gym I tossed crushed cornflakes in melted butter and put them over the top of the pasta. Half-way through our study it went into the oven. I like when all I have to do is put something in the oven, so simple. Will (our leader) was the only guy at Bible study so we joked he was hosting “ladies night” and we had a good time. Zach arrived home right as the last people left and right as I pulled dinner out of the oven. Perfect timing!


We dished up the pasta and ate in front of Downfall (almost finished finally).


I had high hopes for this dish but it didn’t quite meet them. It was a very good pasta dish. The only problem is the picture looked a lot like noodles romanoff (which I LOVE) and I was hoping it would be an even better version of that. Perhaps if I wouldn’t have had an expectation for the taste I would have liked this more but it just didn’t taste how I wanted it to. I also wish I would have left the cinnamon out because it just didn’t fit with what I wanted the meal to be. Honestly it’s a lot more work than noodles romanoff and not as good. The only thing I would do is pull the buttery cornflake idea from this and top noodles romanoff with it…there’s a thought…

We went to bed fairly early since I was still a little tired from my weekend and had an early wakeup time in the morning.

Tuesday went like this- gazelle, work, half of a Tough Mudder (warm up + 2 circuits) indoors since it was raining, that was tough because of the lack of space so off to the gym for 26 minutes on the treadmill, ran 1/2 a mile then walked at an incline then ran 1/2 a mile then walked more for 2 miles total, leftovers for dinner waiting for Zach to get home, took a drive, finished Downfall, started Fargo and read. 🙂

718.5/1,400 miles. 141.5/150 running miles.



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