12 Aug

Another wonderful, busy weekend is down and I am looking forward to the relative calm that the next weekend will bring! Yes we still have an alumni soccer game, most likely a hang out with friends and a family get together, but that’s why I said relative calm. Haha. I’ll need a little downtime since next week is when I fly out to see Christine!!! Wow. That one is sneaking up on me… But let’s talk about mother/daughter weekend now. Saturday morning I got up and crammed in a run with Zach before everything got started. We went to the Greenway and ran 2 miles. If you remember we had been trying to do it faster each time and the last time we did this (about a week before vacation) we ran it in 19:05. I knew there was NO way that was happening this week and I was right. With a time of 20:33 it wasn’t awful but it definitely shows that there is work to be done…

I raced through packing and a shower after this, filled up the car, got Mom and we were off! We headed south and she had no clue where. Our drive down we talked, avoided rain and missed an exit. Usually not a big deal, you would just get off and get back on the opposite way except OF COURSE right after I missed it the other side was bumper to bumper and we did not want to wait an hour + in that. We got off at a gas station and called Zach for an alternate route and luckily got to our first destination in good time still. We arrived at Brown County State Park and though it was gloomy and sprinkled on us very briefly at the beginning, that was the extent of the rain for the day! Thank goodness since we were hiking in the woods for a couple of hours… We chose the firetower trail that began with us…climbing a firetower.


We took the old, rickety (and slightly scary) steps up as high as we could go and looked out over the park.

DSCF0998 DSCF1003 DSCF1005

After this we crossed our fingers that it wouldn’t rain and took off on our rugged 2.2 mile trail.



Of course this involves stopping frequently to take pictures of things…

DSCF1016 DSCF1021 DSCF1027

As we hiked we were thankful that the sun wasn’t out because it was a warm, humid day! Our hair was fluffing up like crazy. We were practically the only people on the trail and had a good time just walking, talking and looking at nature. We had been hoping this trail would have some great views or at least some cool hiking things since it was called rugged but we determined it got the rugged label merely because it had such steep downgrades and uphills. No rock scrambling or creek beds or stairs or anything that exciting though. I think that Brown County has some great views (as you’ll see momentarily) and would be gorgeous in the fall, but for hiking in Indiana I would stick to places like Shades and Clifty Falls for better trails. After hiking for a couple of hours (Mom kept saying “We’ve HAD to have gone 2 miles!!) we re-emerged from the woods. Two miles hiking takes a whole lot longer than 2 miles walking on flat pavement haha! Since there were no views on our trail we pulled off at a couple of different vistas to get some photos.

IMG_2582 IMG_4075 IMG_4090 IMG_4095

Despite the haze we could still see pretty far and it was beautiful!

IMG_4098 IMG_4100

So thankful it didn’t storm and ruin our park day! We made one more stop before leaving the park at Ogle Lake. Mom caught a picture of me taking pictures. 🙂

IMG_2585 IMG_4106 IMG_4111 IMG_4112


Once we had our fill of the great outdoors we changed and did a little work on our hair in the pool area’s small bathroom. I took Mom to the next spot which happened to be just minutes away…


Brown County Winery! This is one that I hadn’t been to before. I was surprised they didn’t have an area to sit and hang out, especially since this is such a scenic destination, but their wines are very good here.


We did a tasting and Mom got a bottle of their Blackberry to take home and one of their Vista Rose for us to have that night. Ironically I bought a bottle of Vista Rose last year at Vintage IN because I liked it so much! Now it was time for us to head to the place we would be the rest of the night, Story Inn! Driving to Story Inn was crazy because there was a detour and it’s already completely cut off from everything else. Story, IN used to be a little town that did pretty well for itself until the creation of Lake Monroe (near Bloomington, IN) caused them to lose total access to any of the bigger cities. Now it is comprised of an inn, tavern, restaurant and several cottages to stay in. Our cottage was the Old Mill Loft.


Story Inn has lots of stories of hauntings and it didn’t help when the downstairs of our loft was pretty creepy…

IMG_4131 IMG_4130

It was just dusty and junky (not meant for us to spend time down there of course) but luckily the upstairs was much better kept. It was so unique and fun!!
IMG_4122 IMG_4123 IMG_4124 IMG_4128 IMG_4126

We unpacked, had a glass of wine and then explored the grounds.

IMG_4140 IMG_4143 IMG_4147 IMG_4150 IMG_4151

Our day was turning quite beautiful at this point and it was lovely to walk around and see the old buildings. Back in our loft we read through the guestbook of people who had stayed in the loft before us and at least 5 different entries mentioned the bathtub water turning on once or twice during the night. That was a little odd but I don’t know how much I subscribe to the stories about their resident ghost, the “Blue Lady”. We got ready for our dinner which was conveniently right next door.

IMG_2597 IMG_4163 IMG_4169

The Story Inn restaurant is in the old general store and there are interesting knick knacks everywhere!

IMG_4172 IMG_4175

Mom and I ordered the artichoke dip appetizer with toasted bread and some wine to start.

IMG_4177 IMG_4178

What a great dip that was! The only reason we even had any left was because we were getting full too fast and wanted to enjoy our meals. Good thing too because the food here was wonderful. Mom got the pork chop that had a tasty crust on it with green beans and cheddar grits.


I went out on a limb and ordered something I rarely get, steak!


I got a filet with shaved beets, a tomato bernaise, mashed potatoes and corn. Ate every single bite. 🙂


We were going to go to the tavern after dinner but it was pretty much dead so we decided to explore the back half of the property instead.


We went through their gardens and out to the refurbished barn where they have events.



The pictures make it look much lighter out than it was when in reality it was nearly dark. Which made the old barn in the mist seem a little creepy… We could barely see a thing in the barn so when something skittered on the floor I took a picture to find out what it was.



I was thinking cockroach but really it was a little frog! I told Mom I was going to catch it. She didn’t think I could…


🙂 She should know better. We decided this barn was cool and would be a really neat place to have a small wedding or party!

IMG_4196 IMG_4204

Back at our room it was time to make use of one of the reasons I chose the loft to stay in-



The 250 gallon horse trough tub! It was SO cool. It took forever to fill but was obviously worth it. I dumped a whole bottle of bubble bath in it. This led to some fun…

DSCF1041 DSCF1045 DSCF1059 DSCF1060

Haha! We sat in here having wine, playing a vacation game we made up and getting very, very pruny.

DSCF1050 DSCF1054

We called it a night around 11:30 and even though our big bed was comfy it took me quite awhile to fall asleep. Perhaps I was waiting to hear the Blue Lady turn the water on… In the morning we packed up and went right back over to the Story Inn restaurant! We had a breakfast package and it was excellent.

IMG_4211 IMG_4212

Mom got biscuits and gravy and I got their eggs benedict that was: basil biscuits, ham, poached eggs and sausage gravy. BEST idea for an eggs benny! I never want hollandaise again! This was delicious and filling and I boxed half of it up to let Zach try it. I knew he would love it. 🙂 The Story Inn makes everything fresh and gets all their food from local farms which probably ups the delicious factor. This day was raining a lot and Mom and I were glad that waited until Sunday. We started heading home through the dense trees and it was like being in a Twilight movie. Everything was wet and green and I expected to see vampires lurking in the woods. 🙂


I had to stop suddenly when I saw something in the road (not a vampire).


Of course I had to bring him the car for a picture before I rescued him by putting him on the side of the road.


Mom and I put our map reading skills to the test to avoid an enormous traffic jam on the interstate which brought us home a more fun, scenic way. A wonderful mother/daughter weekend and I know she thought so too! 🙂

711/1,400 miles. 140.5/150 running miles.



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