9 Aug

I know where we are going today but Mom has no idea! 🙂 All she knows what I told her to pack and that it would be overnight. Back on Mother’s Day I gave her an I-O-U for a mother/daughter getaway and this has been the first available weekend for redemption. I have lots of fun things planned an am hoping for decent weather where we are headed. Regardless though we are going to have a fantastic time!

Yesterday I did the gazelle, had a small class all day and the was determined to do Tough Mudder after work. I felt a little mentally tired and definitely physically tired but I started it anyway. I did the warm-up and the beginning of the first circuit and could tell my body was exhausted. I was dying to do it anyway but I decided to be smart and listen to my body. I’ve been pushing a lot harder again this week and I guess it just needed a recovery day so I went inside and did 20 minutes of yoga instead. I think that was a good idea! Zach and I ate leftovers for dinner, hung out a little while and then Ron and Vicki came over and we all walked to Zach’s grandma’s house (so I got in a little walking too!) for a night of visiting. We watched Shark Tank which I’d never seen before and it was pretty interesting!

After that we played wii bowling and I created a Mii character that looked absolutely ridiculous and named her “Beefycakes” which was a great source of amusement for the night. 🙂 Vicki and I both bowled pretty well with her though! Haha and Zach’s dad, Ron, was on my team the first game and I nicknamed him Thunderbird (aka T-Bird) and he turned out to be the best player of all of us! It was a fun time and good visiting, especially since Zach’s grandma has heart surgery in a couple of weeks. We got home and crashed, I was TIRED. I slept a little restlessly after 4:30am though because I was so excited for today! Hope we have lots of fun!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – PB&J banana wrap
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – fish, zucchini, watermelon

707/1,400 miles.


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