8 Aug

It feels so good to be running again. It wasn’t a super long run, but I hit the Greenway after work for 3 non-stop miles in 31 minutes. That time isn’t great but considering how little I’ve been running the past month, I’ll take it! Since Zach was again awol for dinner I invited Mom to come partake with me. After my run I threw together our pretty simple meal. One component was corn on the cob which was going to be grilled but when I tried to turn the grill on and got nothing I realized our propane tank was gone! Apparently we’re out and Zach needs to take it to get re-filled. Plan B, I husked the corn and boiled it instead.


Our main dinner item was Honey Mustard Pretzel-Coated Chicken Fingers (that’s quite a mouthful!) from Hungry Girl 1-2-3. The recipe had me making a sauce of honey mustard + egg whites and marinating chicken in it for 5 minutes. Well I made my own honey mustard (with honey…and mustard…), mixed it with egg whites, cut my chicken into strips, seasoned them with S+P and marinated for 5 HOURS. Haha I am not sure how you can even call something sitting for 5 minutes “marinating”.


After my run I dredged the strips in a mix of crushed pretzels + sugar and baked in the oven on parchment paper.


Parchment paper is such a lifesaver when baking, no more sticky, hard-to-clean baking sheets and pans! I set up the table for dinner for Mom and I, I don’t use placemats nearly enough!


Even though it didn’t call for it I made up a side of honey mustard for dipping and that was a good choice. Dinner was served!


The corn was small but still good with a little real butter and S+P.


I had 3 of the chicken fingers and they were very good! If I made these again though I would definitely leave out the sugar from the pretzel mixture. It made them a little too sweet and with all the honey mustard going on they didn’t need to be that sweet. I usually prefer my dinner food to be savory.


Great dinner though! Mom hung out with me for just a little bit afterwards and then Zach got home and I fixed him up a plate. While he ate we finished season 1 of Dexter! Can’t wait to start season 2. Addicted. 🙂 Now it’s a super easy Friday with minimal kids and tomorrow Mom and I are headed to a surprise location because I am taking her on a mother/daughter weekend!! Yay!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB, 1 mini asparagus frittata
  • Lunch – egg white veggie scramble
  • Supper – corn on the cob, 3 “chicken fingers”

*Gazelle was done in the morning per usual*

705/1,400 miles. 138.5/150 running miles. I am smashing my running goal but lagging a little behind in my cardio mileage goal. I just hit half-way but we’re over half-way through the year! Better step it up…


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