5 Aug

Every weekend lately is just !!!!!!! GO GO GO! Don’t get me wrong, you know I love the busy life, but I am wearing down! This weekend I have some more big plans, but not until Saturday so I think Friday is going to be reserved for majorly taking it easy. 🙂 Last Friday was not though. Last Friday I did the gazelle in the morning, had a very easy day of work and went to the gym for a workout after. I did 32 minutes on the treadmill that looked like this – sprint a half mile (for me that was running it in 4:23), walk at an incline, run a half mile at a fast pace but not sprinting, walk at an incline, run a half mile at a normal pace, walk until the end (2.55 miles total). It was a good variety and felt like some great cardio!

I quickly got ready afterwards and was picked up by Hillary and Josh to go to Puerta for dinner.

IMG_3971 IMG_3972

We were having a going away party at Steven’s house for our friend Ryan and Zach was already over there with some of the guys having their beer club before the party started. One Puerta dinner later and we showed up at Steven’s along with a lot of other people who rotated in and out throughout the night.

IMG_3982 IMG_3985

We hung out by a fire, played games, had drinks and then played perhaps the most fun party game ever- Slip ‘n Slide Flippy Cup! Josh had seen a video of this and we set it up with tarps and a hose and it was epic.

DSCF0940 DSCF0947 DSCF0954

Though I am still bearing some bruises… The slip and slide part would have worked better if we would have had a hill to slide down but it was still so fun. 🙂 We hung out late into the night catching up with old friends and making some new and it was 3am by the time Zach and I went to bed!!

Saturday morning we were up by 10 despite the late night, we just couldn’t sleep anymore. It was a beautiful day though so we took advantage of that and went for a half hour walk on the Greenway. Lunch was soup at Panera which I hadn’t had in ages and it was wonderful! We went by Mom’s to see Ro’malley and he was as cute as ever then it was floating around the pool for awhile. We were so tired from the night before that we actually left the pool to come home and nap and we NEVER nap! Haha The weekend fun continued with a trip to Indy to eat good food and see Leah! I got to briefly see Connor, who we think is cutting even more teeth, before we whisked off to dinner to meet our reservation. We went to Cerulean, yet another Indy Monthly “bucket list” restaurant of Zach and I’s and another place that I cannot wait to take him. The restaurant is in the bottom level of the modern hotel the Alexander which has pieces of artwork, very modern artwork, all over the place. Cerulean itself was a work of art and Leah and I got to sit in the “bird’s nest” which was a cool, wooden structure inside the restaurant!


Luckily we had it to ourselves at first so I could take some pictures without creeping out the people next to us. 😉 The menu here looked incredible and I chose a fun cocktail to start.


They brought us out an amuse bouche of wild blackberry jam on some type of little bread thing and it set the precedent for a great meal to follow.


Leah and I decided to share two smaller things before our entrees and we had the pea soup and mangalitsa pork.

IMG_4001 IMG_4002

The pea soup was: green pea, oyster mushrooms, asparagus, creme fraiche and the mangalitsa pork description was: white bread macaron, vanilla bbq, corn chow chow. The pea soup was very good but those little pork “sandwiches” were a show-stealer! The vanilla bbq on a macaron was amazing!! I could never picture a savory item on such a delicate, sweet pastry but it worked perfectly. We split it all down the middle and loved every bite. For dinner Leah got the lamb shoulder which was a LOT of lamb, haha, but it was very good.


I got the summer squash risotto that was more than good!


It’s description was wild mushroom, local squash, quail egg, tomato, edible flower. Might I add that the edible flower came from their garden right outdoors! It was delicious. I love risotto and this was a gooood one. Grant and Leah are friends with the executive chef so he came out to say hi and we praised his food highly. 🙂 Dessert would probably be awesome here too but we were too full! Though we managed to eat our free truffle oil popcorn at our next stop…haha! We moved on to place #2, Plat 99 mixology lounge, which was conveniently located right upstairs!


We each got one drink here and sat on the couches just chatting and catching up.




Since we only see each other about once a month these days there is always lots to talk about!! Especially the fact that she has an 8 month old now. 🙂 We also looked at a little of what the Alexander has to offer-

IMG_4011 IMG_4010 IMG_4012

We didn’t stay out late and I found myself back home before 10pm which was nice since I was so wiped out. A little Dexter with Zach and then I slept for almost 11 hours straight!

It was wonderful to be in church Sunday morning. Summertime takes us away on the weekends so often and I always miss it when I am not home. We were pretty busy for awhile after church, running to the grocery, eating leftovers, me running to the store again while Zach did yard work, doing the Maybe Mudder workout, showering… Finally when the work was all done we went out to Tonne and enjoyed sitting out on their patio with semi-dry riesling and some cards. 🙂 Perfect weather for it too! Visited Mom and Dad a little afterwards which of course meant visiting Ro’malley too.

IMG_4014 IMG_4015 IMG_4021 IMG_4026

Little cutie. 🙂 We had to run by Lowes afterwards and then randomly convinced Steven and Hillary to do a Muncie scavenger hunt with us. We picked up Hillary, went over to Steven’s and the boys made all the even numbered challenges and us girls made the odd ones. Here was our hunt:

  1. Take a picture with “Frog Baby” (a BSU iconic statue)
  2. Take a picture with a man who has a hairy face
  3. Pick wildflowers, must keep them to turn in
  4. Get a receipt from somewhere that has a man’s name as the company
  5. Go knee deep in the White River
  6. Catch 3 bugs and keep them
  7. Take a jumping picture on the HHCS soccer field
  8. Get Zach and Steven a pizza and bring it to them (yes, this was one of their challenges…)
  9. Take a video of yourselves staging a dramatic earthquake in a public place
  10. Get a video having a funny conversation with someone you don’t know

Boys vs. Girls and we were off! Hillary and I did the soccer field first since it was the closest to Steven’s. We pulled in right as the boys were running over to the field and taking a picture.


It was a terrible jump but my feet were off the ground and we ran to the car only to find the boys had stolen our keys!! They tossed them out of their car about 50 yards away and we had to sprint to get them. Game on.

As we were leaving the school we saw some flowers and Hillary jumped out and grabbed them.


White River was next and of course I was the one to get in.


It is a GROSS river!! Not exactly “white”. While running back to the car after the river Hillary spots a guy and a girl riding bikes and what does this guy have? A hairy face!


Ball State campus and Frog Baby were our next stop…


Then we did our earthquake video in a Ball State parking lot. There weren’t people around but technically it was a public place. 😉 Wish I could share the video with you, it was hilarious!! We went to my house after the earthquake to get 3 baggies and catch bugs. My porch light makes a good area for bugs to hang out and we caught two that way and a firefly in the front yard made the third one. By this point we had a mere 25 minutes to make it to our meeting point, the Heorot, and we still had 3 challenges left to do. We ran into Johnny Carino’s to get a glass of wine so we could have a receipt from “Johnny’s”, get it, a guy’s name! As we were walking to the bar area with a hostess she and I had a legitimately funny conversation about Keith Urban touching her last night and her friend dropping her cell phone into a porta-potty (GROSS!) and Hillary says, “Hey! Are you guys having a funny conversation? Let me get that on camera!!” Boom. 🙂 The guy talked us into getting a bottle of wine since they were half price so it only cost us $5 each. We downed a glass, had him bag the bottle and rushed out. I brilliantly thought to call ahead to the Heorot to have a pizza waiting for us when we arrived and we got there at 9:43 with 2 minutes to spare!! It was right as we were walking in that we realized NEITHER of us took our receipts!!! You are just in such a habit of not taking receipts from anywhere that we both signed our bill and left them. Oops. Then we waited..and waited for almost 10 minutes before the boys showed up! Apparently they thought we had said 10…hmmm… We compared pictures and videos and bugs while we ate our pizza and it turned out…girls won! Even with our missing receipts haha. What a completely fun and random Sunday night. 🙂

686/1,400 miles. 135.5/150 running miles.


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