30 Jul

Back to those vacation posts detailing the trip I took, oh, a about a month ago. Haha! We’re up to Saturday, June 28th now. If you can remember we went to bed pretty late Friday night because we had a very early wake-up for Saturday morning. Well I was awakened even earlier than expected at 2am when Hillary came in our room and said she couldn’t find Josh anywhere! He’d been sleeping out on the couch all week and was gone. We quickly began searching the house and outside and found him sleeping on his mattress out in the carport! Ha! He’d gotten so hot he decided to sleep outside, what a goof. We went back to sleep and were up again in just 3 1/2 hours to take Josh to the train that would take him to Miami to catch his flight. Hillary, Zach and I were prepared to get up this early anyway because we had a date with Lantana beach…



It was time to watch the sun rise!


While we waited we took some pictures and did some beach yoga.

IMG_2467 IMG_2481 IMG_2483 IMG_2486 IMG_2487

Then the sun began to make it’s appearance and it was breath-taking.

IMG_2495 IMG_2499 IMG_2518

It was a clear morning with just a smattering of clouds and we were fortunate to have golds, pinks, purples, and blues of every hue.

IMG_2526 IMG_2531 IMG_2553

I took something like over 100 photos of the event and they were all perfect. 🙂 We stayed until the sun was finally officially up for the day, our last day in West Palm Beach.


After the sunrise we went across the street to have breakfast at John G’s. John G’s used to be at the Lakeworth Beach (the beach we go to most often) but in the past couple of years it had moved to Lantana Beach, which was the main reason we chose that beach for our sunrise. We had to go to John G’s for their famous cream cheese stuffed raisin french toast!


It’s the best french toast there is. Hands down. So glad to eat breakfast here. 🙂


We were super tired by the time we’d finished eating so we collectively decided to go back to the house and nap before starting our day. That was an excellent idea, we needed it! A few hours later we were up and ready to hit the beach for our last day. We set up our blanket half under the pier, half in the sun because I was avoiding the sun a lot on this day, trying to let lightly burned skin heal! Before I did anything else I laced up my Merrell’s (tough mudder shoes) for the first time and set off on a beach run! I put in 2.5 miles and it was pretty tough, running in sand is no joke. The shoes were awesome though! They felt so light on my feet and it didn’t even matter when they would get wet because they would dry so fast. By the time I was finished I was more than ready to get in the ocean.


Everything was our last- last time floating on our tubes, last time laying out in the sand, and one thing was the last and the first of the trip as well- going up on our pier!


We paid the dollar fee so we could walk down the pier and take in the beautiful views.

DSCF0626 DSCF0628

In one of the years past we saw manatees from the pier but no such luck this year. We did see some pretty big fish though! We also saw lots of headless fish on the pier being cleaned…yuck.


We made one last visit to Benny’s to watch the first PK shootout of the world cup between Brasil and Chile. I had a champagne drink to commemorate Benny’s at the Beach.


It was time for one last dip in the water before it was hasta la vista to Lakeworth Beach!


When we got back to the house we had the ginormous job of pack then clean then clean then pack. A huge task that was helped along by music until we had accomplished as much as we possibly could at that point. Ready for dinner one last night!


Zach wanted his picture with “Josh” haha


Somebody missed his buddy. 🙂 We went into downtown Lakeworth to a place new to all of us called the Poutine Dog Cafe. If you aren’t familiar with poutine, it’s an awesomely delicious (and calorie-laden) Canadian dish. It’s a mix of fries and cheese curds covered in gravy and then you can order it different ways. It may sound gross or weird but it’s actually wonderful! The Poutine Dog Cafe had several varieties and Hillary ordered a BBQ kind and had her first experience with poutine.


And guess what? She liked it! I was very proud of her for branching out this whole trip! Zach got the breakfast poutine and I ordered something from the other half of their name, a dog.


A bacon, onion and whiskey sauce dog to be exact and without a doubt the best hot dog I have ever had. Ever. The meat was just so quality and it was cooked so well and my goodness I never thought I’d be saying that about a hot dog…haha! After eating we went back to Singer Island to try to spot a turtle again. We sat in the beach chairs laughing and talking while waiting for it to get dark.


Once darkness fell Hillary and I wandered one part of the beach, Zach took the other and we kept an eye on people that were in the distance in case they spotted something. Unfortunately we had zero luck. Not even a sighting this time! Hillary and I even wrote a song called “Do You Wanna See a Turtle?” to the tune of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” but to no avail. Ah well, we tried. We paid a visit to the Cruzan Rum Bar that we had visited the last time we went to Singer Island but unlike the last time it was PACKED. That’s the difference between a Tuesday night and a Saturday night I suppose…ironically we much preferred Tuesday’s atmosphere. We aren’t college kids anymore and as such don’t really love the “going out” vibe and much prefer the laid back vibe. So we only stayed for one drink and a couple of pictures.

IMG_2587 IMG_2589

Before we left I did manage to get the ring around the hook for that ring throwing game! I said that I had mastered Florida. 🙂 Then it was back home for one more night of sleep in a hot house, we had lots to do the next morning!


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