23 Jul

Okay, now I need to catch up the rest of the weekend! (I posted about Saturday yesterday morning if you missed it before yesterday’s vacation post!) Sunday morning Zach and I slept in, checked out, walked to the car and headed home. Zach had an all-day brew day with Steven so I recruited Hillary to keep me company. We were going to go lay out by the pool but it got pretty cloudy so we came up with a Plan B and headed to Tonne. Of course, once we got to Tonne the sun came back out. Oh well, it made it nice to sit on the patio!

IMG_3624 IMG_3625

We shared riesling and sat out there and talked for quite some time, almost 2 hours! We were waiting on the guys to finish up so that we could all go get dinner but then found out they wouldn’t be done until close to 8 so we needed to come up with something else to do. We drove over to Minnetrista and parked and decided to go for a walk. There are such pretty mansions over by Minnetrista.

IMG_3626 IMG_3629

We ended up walking to Amazing Joe’s to sit out on their patio and have $2.99 margaritas. A good deal. 🙂


Mom and Dad ended up going to Joe’s to eat dinner and they sat out on the patio talking with us until we all left. Hillary and I didn’t want to drive and we were meeting the guys at Puerta in about 45 minutes so we decided to walk there. 🙂 It is a decent way from Joe’s but honestly I’ve walked farther lots of times. We took some pictures on our walk, stopped at a gas station and ended up having Josh pick us up to drive us the rest of the way when we reached my parent’s street (which was over half-way to Puerta I might add!). With the morning walking in Indy to the car, the walking to Joe’s and the walking over half-way to dinner I am going to count that as at least 1.5 miles for the day.

IMG_3638 IMG_3640

Josh, Hillary and I arrived at Puerta just moments ahead of Zach and Steven and we grabbed a table and chowed down on chips and cheese dip. It had been awhile since Zach and I had been there! Always a big yum there. 🙂 We sat around my house for a bit after eating before we spontaneously decided to head to Zach’s parents pool…at like 10 at night….on a Sunday. Haha it was the best!!

DSCF0910 DSCF0912 DSCF0913

So you won’t be surprised at all after the weekend that I was dead tired on Monday! Overly tired Jordan doesn’t really exercise and doesn’t make the healthiest meal choices. Will she never learn?! Good thing the weekend was such a blast… 😉 Luckily Monday I had a small group of kids and even though the day dragged it wasn’t necessarily a tough one. I spent the whole evening being totally lazy with Zach and we finally finished How I Met Your Mother. I can’t believe it’s over!! I have very mixed feelings about the ending but overall, still one of my favorite shows ever.

Yesterday morning I was much more rested and did the gazelle. Still had a smaller group so another fairly easy day of work followed by a walk with Mom around her neighborhood for 30 minutes. I caught up on the Bachelor while Mom fixed us a delicious dinner of zucchini + tomatoes, smashed potatoes (yes, smashed) and cheesy cracker chicken. Excellent! I was going to leave after I had finished my show but Mom guilted me into staying a little longer and we played some Cribbage. I won again, wonder if now she wishes she’d just let me leave… 😉 Sadly I had to go to bed just minutes after Zach got home from his evening soccer practice. I miss him!! Thankfully he’ll be home tonight. Guess I need to get back to putting up my food journal yet again…it’s less than 2 months until Tough Mudder now so there is really no room for error or slacking!

657.5/1,400 miles.


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