17 Jul

Way to Cook Vegetarian, you know, my favorite cookbook, was in use last night and it created something wonderful. 🙂 Well, technically I created something wonderful but I couldn’t have done it without help! My day? It started off on the right foot when I found all the dishes from the night before done (Zach does the majority of the dishes, lucky girl) with a sweet note to greet me. 🙂


Gazelle, slightly hectic school day, dried tofu at nap time


(which I later realized I shouldn’t have done) and then had my first spin class in weeks!! It was wonderful. I spun for 62 minutes (22.1 miles) and am definitely feeling it today combined with still feeling sore from Tuesday’s mudder workout. This is what happens when I take a little time off – soreness!

I had to do pretty much all of making dinner when I got home from spin but luckily it wasn’t too time consuming. I had 3 things going at once but they all took about 15 minutes and two of them were pretty hands off so it was pretty simple. I made Szechuan-Style Tofu with Peanuts. Here were the 3 things I had cooking: a pot of jasmine rice on the stove-top, a pan of tofu under the broiler and a pan of mushrooms + salt + oil on the stovetop. While all that cooked I mixed together vegetable broth, black bean garlic sauce (first time using that one), Tamari, chile paste and cornstarch. When the mushrooms were cooked I added matchstick carrots + ginger,


cooked slightly longer and then added the liquid mixture. The whole pan was cooked until thick, removed from the heat and then tossed with the tofu and some green onions. The tofu dish went over the rice and it was all topped off with a little crushed, unsalted peanuts.


This dinner gets a big thumbs up!! Especially once you add some red pepper flakes (since Zach and I do that with everything) :). It had been awhile since I’d had tofu and I really enjoyed this meal.


The reason I said that perhaps I shouldn’t have dried the tofu is because it got a little too well done. I like it with a bit of crisp to it but they were almost to the point of being too hard. I haven’t fixed them under the broiler before and while you usually dry tofu for everything I have a feeling that extra moisture would have served them better while cooking! Didn’t ruin the dish for us though. 🙂


We watched more Dexter and while I am not in love with it yet I am starting to get a little hooked I do believe. 🙂 Now for the next three days/nights, guess what? Zach has soccer camp. AGAIN. At least this one isn’t overnight and he gets to come home to sleep! Last week was the boys and this weeks is the girls. My busy guy. 😦 Can’t WAIT for our date night on Saturday though. 🙂

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal w/blueberries
  • Lunch – broccoli + cauliflower w/cheese
  • Supper – tofu rice bowl, 1 piece of chocolate (the very, very last of my delicious truffles Zach got me for my anniversary at Hoffman’s in FL, I made those babies last!!)

639.5/1,400 miles.


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