16 Jul

Moving on to Monday (that’s back on June 23rd since I’ve probably lost you on the date…)! Zach and I got up and worked out (I believe it was a 2 mile run followed by Insanity on this day) and then the 3 of us went to the beach because that is what you do every day in Florida. 🙂 Unfortunately I forgot our beach blankets that day and we had to just lay on our towels, whoops. Oh well, can’t complain too much when you are in sunny Florida!



Hillary and I spent a great deal of time floating again since it’s one of the only bearable things to do in the sun.


Zach hunted for crabs with his cute little net but couldn’t come up with anything. After a decent amount of time we all ventured down the beach on a walk, got some pictures under our gorgeous pier,


and went up on the boardwalk to Kilwin’s for some ice cream. Zach and I shared a banana fudge pie flavor that was excellent! Nothing like ice cream to beat the heat.


I had just sprayed suntan lotion on the backs of my legs right before we ate and when I stood up it felt like the chair was pulling my skin off! Nope. Instead I was actually pulling the chair’s skin off!!


And by skin I mean tarry, black paint. It was so sticky. Couldn’t believe that happened. A few pictures on our boardwalk were next before we called it a day at the beach.

DSCF0392 DSCF0394 DSCF0396

We did the usual go-home-shower-get-ready deal before heading out of town for the evening.

IMG_1977 IMG_1980 IMG_1991

Hillary’s friend (and now our friend too!) Josh was flying into Miami Monday night and we needed to pick him up. We turned this “chore” into a fun mini-roadtrip. Our first stop was in Boca Raton to a place Zach had on his trip bucket list to visit-


Funky Buddha, a very awesome craft brewery. Apparently just a couple of years ago they were brewing out of a garage and now they have a huge, gorgeous establishment. Hillary and I got a flight of beers to share and we were nervous about liking them since neither of us is a huge beer drinker (though I have come leaps and bounds over the past couple of years!).


Our 4 tastes were: the Floridian (a hefeweizen), Pina (a pina colada wheat ale), Vanilla Cream Abdul Jabar (a cream ale) and Fluffer (a double brown). Guess what? We loved them ALL!! My favorite was a total toss up between the Pina (such good flavor) and the Fluffer which literally tasted like a fluffer-nutter, peanut butter and marshmallow galore. Um, yum! We were so excited to be drinking such tasty craft beers.


After our brewery stop it was on into Miami and their crazy roads!

IMG_2009 IMG_2011

We had made dinner reservations at the Viceroy Hotel for a place called 15th and Vine that I had found as one of the top Miami restaurants on Tripadvisor. I was so excited to get to choose us a NICE restaurant for Florida that had the kind of food Zach and I love. We knew it was going to be a good experience when we pulled up to a very modern, art-ridden hotel.


Then when we were seated at our table, by the window, on the 15th floor, we were smitten.

IMG_2026 IMG_2027

I would take those dinner views ANY day! It was so unbelievably gorgeous. We had champagne to celebrate our good find. 🙂


This place specialized in small plates and they had a surprisingly really good price deal and Zach and I shared 5 for $35! Here’s the rundown: Bravas frites with truffle aioli.


Pork tostada (pork, avocado, micro greens, mango and more inside the crispy tostada shells)



Bayou shrimp risotto (my favorite!!)


Duck confit mac and cheese and a dungeness crab roll (both pictured below, forgot to snap individuals!)



Not a bad bite. Hillary, who is notoriously picky, was unsure how she’d like this place but she bravely tried every single dish of ours AND liked them all! I was so proud of her. 🙂 She also enjoyed her flatbread she ordered.


We capped off this delicious, fun and beautiful meal with another good deal- 5 mini desserts for $10!


From left to right was a fried apple pie, turtle cheesecake, tres leeches, chocolate espresso mousse and raisin bread pudding. A great end to one of my favorite dinners of the whole trip! So excellent. 🙂 By the next post, Josh will have joined us!

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