14 Jul

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were great on the fun front and pretty shabby on the health front! It’s always a tough first week back from vacation where I usually mourn the fact that I have 50 weeks until the next vacation by eating poorly and being too tired to do much working out. THANKFULLY that week is over now! In fact, starting today the food journal is back and it’s exactly 70 days until Tough Mudder. Whoa. Probably the first 4 1/2 weeks of training were more vacation prep than anything because at this point it feels like I am starting back at square one. I can’t even complete my pull-ups right now! But that won’t last long. 😉 I am ridiculously excited for the intense journey that the next 70 days will be. But lets back up to Friday…

Thursday night I had placed a late-evening text to my wonderful mother-in-law who so generously agreed last-minute to come work for me Friday afternoon. This freed me up to take John and Heather to my in-law’s pool for Matilda’s first swim ever!!

DSCF0850 DSCF0856 DSCF0860

We were so excited to see how she would do in the water and after just a few initial tears she was a complete water baby. She absolutely loved it!! For the next 3 hours she floated, kicked, held on to baby rafts and was mesmerized by swimming sharks.

DSCF0868 DSCF0876

Us adults had fun as well with me and Heather recreating the St. Germain cocktail that we had loved so much at Sunspot over Memorial Day weekend! I surprised her by having Zach pick up all the ingredients to make one and while not quite restaurant quality, they were pretty delicious. 🙂

DSCF0882 DSCF0885

It was perfect pool weather and Vicki got to come visit with us some at the end and see Matty Jo in the pool. I got lots of adorable pictures of her in her little cover-up eating my sunglasses once we got out to dry off.

DSCF0894 DSCF0899 DSCF0905 DSCF0908

After our swim we did a quick change and headed downtown to have dinner at Barn Brasserie. The special of the night sounded amazing so it’s what Heather and I both got – a crab & corn risotto with micro greens and jumbo scallops. Guess what? I got my food and realized NO CAMERA. I couldn’t believe I forgot my camera. I was so upset especially since 1)we had great looking food that I wanted to photograph and 2) it was John, Heather and baby’s last night! 😦 Can’t believe it did that. Well just take my word when I say that our dinners were both beautiful and delicious. The scallops especially were cooked sooo well and I loved every bite. Plus I am always a sucker for risotto. John had a lamb burger and Zach had pork belly over a sweet potato hash and everyone was very pleased with their dinners. 🙂

After supper we said our good-byes to John and Heather and Matilda. They were headed back to our house to go to sleep early since they were leaving in the wee hours Saturday morning. Again, wish I had my camera!! Zach and I stayed downtown and walked just a couple of blocks to Freaky Tiki Friday’s- an outdoor live music Friday night event with drinks, and we met family there. Mom and Dad plus my Aunt Cindy, Uncle Kip and Aunt Teresa (Teresa is Heather’s mom so she was visiting also) were already at a table and we joined them. We had a couple of drinks and enjoyed the music and beautiful evening (again, wish I had had my camera!!) before we all parted ways around 10pm. Zach and I came home for much needed us time after his being gone all week and then I went to bed without having a wake-up time for the first time in weeeeeks.

The no wake-up time resulted in my sleeping until almost 11am on Saturday!! Haven’t done that in ages. Poor Zach had to get up early though and go volunteer at the Muncie Iron-man all day with his soccer kids. I made a menu for the week (so nice to do that) and then went grocery shopping with Mom, took a shower then Mom came over for a day of games. We played Bananagrams (I won), Flippin’ Out (Mom won), Battleship (Mom won by a mere 2 turns, it was like the closest game of battleship ever!) and then Mom taught me how to play Cribbage. She definitely won that one since I am still getting my footing in it but I really liked that game. I guess this means Mom won game day…

After the games Mom left and Zach showed up just in time to get ready for a wedding. Steven’s sister Megan was getting married outdoors and rain (and even storms!) had been threatening all day. What do you know though? Just in time for the wedding it not only stayed clear but blue skies even began to show!


They got married at the Minnetrista Wishing Well and it was a pretty spot. They had a sweet and brief ceremony and then we went upstairs in the Minnetrista building for the reception.


We had drinks and salad while waiting on the bridal party then got to get our dinner buffet style. They had Pete’s Duck Inn cater it and the food was decent. I had green beans, a mini chicken cordon bleu and a piece of baked steak. You are going to ask who in the world I am when I tell you the next thing- I HAD NO WEDDING CAKE! Well, technically they had cupcakes anyway but can you believe that?! It was not intentional let me assure you, dessert is one of my favorite parts of weddings, I just was busy dancing, taking pictures and having too much fun and it totally slipped my mind.

IMG_3507 IMG_3514

Zach and I slow-danced, group-danced, fast-danced and any other kind of dancing you can think of. 🙂 I am a horrid dancer but I absolutely love dancing at weddings- always a great time! Steven looked very dapper as one of the ushers at the wedding.


My 15 minutes of fame (or actually 4) came when they played the old school “I Like Big Butts” came on. Some guy had already grabbed a microphone and been singing and making other people sing along to everything. When this song started up he was passing the mike around and everyone knew the beginning but after the first few lines no one knew anymore. Except for me that is. Sadly I know every. single. word. to this ridiculous rap song (I don’t even like rap!) and I got handed the microphone and proceeded to “throw down” for the next 4 minutes. People were literally gathered around me in a circle dancing, clapping and cheering. I felt so famous. Ha! Hillary picked us up from the reception and a whole bunch of us went over to Savage’s and hung out, ate cheese fries and played pool and it was a ridiculously fun Saturday. 🙂


Sunday morning I got up and taught with Mom at church and then Mom, Dad, Zach and I went to Our Daily Bread for lunch. Mom had been wanting to go there and after I told her we had went with Ron and Vicki a few weeks ago and enjoyed it they decided to try it out. Overall it was good like before except our service was SOO slow. Like I am talking ridiculous. I would give them another shot because overall I enjoy their food, prices, concept and unique atmosphere but honestly the woman who served us (nice as she was) needs to find a new profession. And I am pretty easygoing about restaurant experiences. But when it takes over 10 minutes just to get a water or when you order food and your SALAD doesn’t even come out for over 30 minutes (in a non-busy place) that’s just a bit too much. Luckily our food was good and Mom and Dad seemed to like it. I had a salad, bbq pork, mashed potatoes and half a slice of bread. The mashed potatoes and then the pork were the best parts for me, yum! After lunch Zach went to watch the World Cup game and I dozed off and on on the couch allll afternoon. We hadn’t went to bed until almost 3am Saturday night! It was fun but I hate feeling like I am wasting some of my day the next day so I don’t do that often. When Zach got home we went and walked for about 30 minutes around the Ball State campus, it was a nice evening for a walk. We also started a new show on Netflix- Dexter! I have heard lots of good things about it, we’ll see how it lives up to the hype.

Now I am so thankful for the great night of sleep I had last night and the fresh start to the week. Ready to kick the TM training back into gear complete with healthy foods. Gonna be a great week. 🙂

624.5/1,400 miles


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