8 Jul

There is so much to do and just not enough time to do it!! Family will be here tomorrow and I have GOT to get this house in order today and I am currently still unpacking our suitcases. Zach left for soccer camp yesterday morning and I miss him tons already. Especially since Hillary ended up not being able to stay over last night so I was by myself and had a less-than-stellar night’s sleep. I am more exhausted today than I was yesterday! Good grief. I was planning on feeling more and more rested each day after vacation, not going backwards.

I have so many vacation posts that need written but I also need to blog in real time. I’m thinking I will write real-time posts in the mornings and vacation posts in the afternoon when I get a chance. So today I will just start the current posts with Sunday and go from there! Sunday morning after a long night’s sleep (so nice to be in our bed!) we got up and went to church. So great to be back at our church after being gone for two weeks, you really begin to miss the fellowship and the teaching. We had to go to the grocery after church to get daycare food and just like that we were officially home and back in the grind. We ate some random food that we had picked up at the store (mine was a can of soup) and then Zach had to go work on getting stuff ready for soccer camp all day. I, just to drive home the fact that I was truly back, went for a 1 hour walk on the Greenway with Mom. We walked for 3+ miles and I had to use the mile markers to have a semblance of an idea of our distance. Now that I am back home I hate not having my Fitbit!!! I have got to purchase a new one asap. Can’t believe I drowned it in the ocean… Next I went to the store with Mom and stocked up on some supplies and a few bare minimum groceries for my week. Lazed around the house for a bit until Zach got back and we went to Mom and Dad’s for supper. Mom made cheesy biscuits, pasta, broccoli and some kind of steak in the crockpot. It was all very good! It was also so nice to have a meal fixed for us since I had barely anything in my fridge at home. We didn’t stay long after dinner because Zach still had stuff to accomplish (busy guy!) and I went to bed early.

Going to sleep early resulted in my getting a great night’s sleep and actually being pretty awake and ready for my first day back to work Monday! I did my gazelle just as though I’d never been gone and jumped right back into the work schedule. There’s tonssss to get done around the daycare/house and I was kept busy all morning. Rain threatened all day but luckily I was able to get the kids outside for recess for all but the last 15 minutes of it. After work it was back to my good ole YMCA. The combination of not having a ton of workout energy yet and needing to go to Mom’s as soon as I was done led to me just doing 20 minutes on the treadmill. At least it was 20 minutes of sprints! It felt good to run at “all-out” speeds after a couple weeks of not doing that. I did 1.65 miles in my 20 minutes. I had leftovers from the night before over at Mom’s and she and I caught up (well I caught up, she re-watched) the episodes of the Bachelorette that I missed while on vacation. When I got home and laid down I was pretty tired but then tossed and turned for a long time before I finally slept fitfully. Sleep would have come much easier if my husband had been home!!

620/1,400 miles.


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