28 Jun

ACK! This vacation has NOT been conducive to blogging at all so far! Though it has provided endless amounts of fun… 🙂 It’s Saturday now and tomorrow we leave West Palm Beach, drop Hillary off at the airport and have an exciting couples day/night planned on Clearwater Beach! Looking forward to some “me and Zach time”. 🙂 Then Monday it’s on to Georgia and Kori for the second week of vacation. Can’t believe we still have a whole week left…

So once again this is going to just be a quick workout update. I need to update the mileage too since I realized I didn’t do that last time! Wednesday was a rest day though we still got in a good amount of walking. I also wish I had something that could track movement in the water because we do a lot of swimming, paddling around and general moving in the water which has got to be burning some serious calories! I know that with walking we are covering at least 5 miles a day, so even though I don’t have my fitbit now I am going to add that amount of mileage on per day as well.

Thursday morning Zach and I ran 2 miles on our neighborhood loop then did our Mudderling workout. It was hot doing that down here!! We had to improvise a few moves due to lack of equipment but overall got in the same good tough mudder training as usual. Friday I just walked in the neighborhood some because we had been out LATE on Thursday. Then today I ran 2.5 miles on the beach in my Merrell’s. They are awesome!! Even though my feet got wet in the surf they dried super quickly, fit really well and were great for running in the sand. Running in the sand is so though. Man I had to walk a couple of times and I never would do that during just 2.5 miles usually! That’s it for now but hopefully I can get an actual blog post up later!

614/1,400 miles. 126/150 running miles.


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