24 Jun

Hello! I have had surprisingly less time for blogging than I even expected! We also have very limited internet access considering we are using the neighbor’s wifi by sitting at the edge of our property… We are having the greatest time and the greatest weather so far though and I have an unbelievable amount of stuff to tell you about. (Not to mention pictures to upload and edit…) For now though I only have time to post a quick workout update. I’ve been doing pretty stellar at keeping up with my workouts while down here so far and that makes me feel incredibly happy! It’s much more enjoyable eating richer foods and having drinks in the evening when I know I put in a good amount of time exercising in the morning. 🙂 Friday before we left I managed to squeeze in 42 minutes of gazelle time and then that was it for Friday workouts because the next 18 hours were spent in the car! 

Saturday had a lot of running around and getting the house ready, getting our groceries, etc. before we could finally head to the beach for the day. No formal workout on Saturday, too ready to enjoy vacation and too exhausted from running on barely 3 hours of sleep in the car! I wanted to include walking mileage to my totals  because we walk a decent amount each day, but unfortunately I accidentally wore my fitbit in the ocean. Not good at all. Poor thing is fried and I don’t have stats…ah well, these things happen.

Sunday morning after a fantastic night’s sleep Zach and I woke up early and ready to work out. The place where we are staying has a small little loop street that is about .33 miles to go around it once (we mapped it out) and it has become a great little “track” to run around. Zach and I ran 2 miles and then he stopped to go do an Insanity workout and I ran 2 more for a total of 4 hot and sweaty miles. It felt great. 🙂   

Monday morning I ran 1.5 miles around our loop and then did an Insanity workout with Zach. It’s been awhile since I had done one and of course the first time I do it again is AFTER a run and in the SUPER hot Florida weather. Honestly though? I felt really good! I think all the Tough Mudder training helped make it easier than they used to be! Insanity is a great supplement for Tough Mudder training too, they are really very similar. 


Now it’s Tuesday morning and I just got done with a 4 mile run and am enjoying a plum with whole wheat toast with PB. 🙂 I have been eating the most excellent, healthy breakfasts and lunches while we’ve been here and then pretty much doing what I want for dinner but still sharing with Zach and being moderate. It seems to be working very well so far because I am having a ton of fun, not feeling deprived but also not feeling like I am going overboard and gaining tons of weight. Definitely a successful vacation so far!

*Obviously it’s not Tuesday morning still but I wrote this post this morning and didn’t have time to post!!


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