19 Jun

Storms in the night don’t usually wake me up but since I’m already sleeping lightly/restlessly in anticipation of vacation, they sure did last night! At least I got good sleep until 5am… 😉 The busy days are whirling by. Yesterday was another fast-paced, packed day. I did the gazelle in the morning and had a REALLY small group of kids- just 6! No complaining here. 🙂 Despite the threat of rain we got to play outside and while we were in the backyard a package showed up for me…

IMG_1747 IMG_1748

My Tough Mudder shoes!!! Zach’s came a couple of days ago and his are really cool too. I got minimalist trail shoes by Merrell and can not wait to try them out! I am going to have to take it slowly since I am not used to “barefoot” style shoes and I plan on introducing them little by little into my workout routines, starting with running on the beach in FLorida. People who run Tough Mudders seem to have to different views on the shoes they wear to compete. It’s either group a) wear the oldest, rattiest shoes you have and donate them at the end or group b) get a dedicated pair of shoes specifically for mudder’s and use them solely for the training and races. Zach and I did a lot of research and decided to go with group b. Our shoes have several important qualities that some old, ratty pair would not possess.

  1. They are SUPER quick drying (important because we will be in and out of water continually the whole day)
  2. Trail shoes with grips (have you SEEN some of the obstacles? grips will be immensely helpful)
  3. They are extremely washer friendly so no matter how dirty they get you toss them in and them come out good as new (almost)
  4. Special tight lacing (another really important feature because otherwise the mud can suck the shoes right off your feet)
  5. Minimalist (this one I have yet to experience myself but people claim that this style of shoe is the best for a mudder race)

After work I went to spin which was a lot like going to a sauna. It was HOT up there last night! I never use my towel so much and last night I was wiping sweat after every song. I stuck it out for 74 minutes (26.4 miles!!, 412 calories). Zach and I ate yet more leftovers from the fridge for dinner and finally finished Apocalypse Now. We mostly love the movies off the top 250 list but this is another one we were wondering how it ended up on there. Extremely weird, inconclusive, illogical and definitely not our favorite. We had running around to do after that and it ended up taking the rest of the night. It was bedtime before I could blink and now it’s Thursday!! Just 1 and 1/2 more workdays until we hit the road for West Palm Beach; 28 hours to be exact. HOOOOORAY!!!!!!

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – pancakes
  • Lunch – veggie egg scramble (used whites + 1 whole egg)
  • Supper – leftover basmati rice + shrimp 

562.5/1,400 miles.


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