16 Jun

Whew! What a busy, fun day Saturday was!! It all started with a good run. Despite my somewhat poor night’s sleep Friday night, I was up and ready to break records. Zach and I ate and went to the Greenway to run our 2 mile stretch and try to beat last time’s time which was 19:38. Well we had a great run and finished at 19:05 (207 calories)! We came back home and immediately jumped into our Tough Mudder boot camp (1.39 miles, 300 calories). We’re doing better and better at that each time. We plan on keeping it up while we are on vacation!

After our workouts we had lots to do- ran by the bank to cash our change, ran by Goodwill to get Zach some new shorts, showered, ate lunch, cleaned and then finally I had some free time to enjoy the nice day…poolside! I spent a relaxing 2 1/2 hours sunbathing and reading and dreaming of the beach. Next up I had to run by my daycare sub’s house to show her a training video and then hit the mall for a little vacation shopping of my own. I don’t know which is worse- when you shop and don’t like anything you try on or when you shop and like EVERYthing you try on! This was one of those times where I seemed to like it all. I narrowed down my choices though and spent even less than I expected and came away with some really cute clothes. 🙂

Zach had been hard at work deep cleaning some of the house + prepping some stuff for dinner. When I got home he was out on a ladder picking mulberries off our mulberry tree. He’s been picking them lately and I used to think I didn’t care for them but they are really growing on me! I took over the dinner prep for our Homestyle Shrimp Curry. Thank goodness I found the link because it was a somewhat involved recipe!


I got the basmati rice saucepan started (rice + water + curry powder + salt + oil) and then chopped the onions in the food processor. The onions went into a dutch oven and cooked for quite awhile before I added the garlic, ginger, serrano chiles, curry powder and salt. This cooked briefly and I added pureed tomatoes + water and let the whole thing simmer and thicken.


Shrimp went into the dish next to cook just until hot. Added yogurt + cilantro and served over the rice! Topped with fresh cilantro for garnish.


I don’t think I’ve ever cooked with basmati before but I love that rice!! So fragrant and delicious. Perfect for this style of dish.




We both liked this quite a bit but agreed that it weirdly had a lot of flavor and yet sometimes seemed to lack some flavor. Either way it was still good and I would even make it again. We watched a little bit more of Apocalypse Now while we ate, did some Florida planning then walked over to Zach’s parents to take care of some things since they are gone on vacation. Our walk was about 22 minutes (1.2 miles). We came home to watch some more of our movie (it’s getting weird!) before going to bed. Sunday was such an involved day it needs it’s own post, so that’s what’s up next!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB
  • Lunch – veggie + beef taco (used some of the beef and peppers mix that I had made for the salads and put it in corn tortillas, yum!), PB
  • Supper – shrimp rice bowl, mulberries

544.5/1,400 miles. 109.5/150 running miles.



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