12 Jun

We have been spoiled with such great beautiful weather the past few weeks that the past 3 days of gloom and rain have seemed unbearable! Each day the weather says it’s going to get nicer and then it doesn’t and it’s cloudy, rainy and soggy out. I am crossing my fingers for a clear afternoon because I am dying to get the kids back outside. The past two days of keeping them in the whooooole day have been way too reminiscent of winter and I am NOT ready for that yet!

In other news yesterday was a good day and one day closer to vacation! Besides having to keep the kids in it was a pretty good workday and a good spin class after. I got there extra early which was good since I had to leave a little earlier than usual too. I did 71 minutes (24+ miles, not sure exactly how many because I forgot to look but I know it was at least that much! and 416 calories) then ran back out the door. I got home with 5 minutes to change before Zach and I headed to Olive Garden to celebrate Zach’s grandpa’s 75th birthday! I made about the best health choices I could using the information I had which resulted in – no breadsticks, no salad (their salad is deceptively bad for you unless you get the dressing on the side) and I ordered the lowest cal/lowest sodium soup they had and about the lightest entree there is. I got the pasta e fagoli soup and ate it all and got a lunch portion (still huge!) of whole wheat linguine with marinara sauce and boxed half of it up. 🙂 The soup was 130 calories and the pasta 310 (if you ate it all) so I actually ended up having a pretty low calorie dinner!

Zach and I watched more How I met Your Mother and now have only 3 episodes left…oh boy. It was also a read before bed kind of night and now it’s Thursday! Oh, did the gazelle of course too. Now I have one thing on my mind – rain, rain, go away!!

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/blueberries + granola
  • Lunch – veggies + red pepper spread (that stuff I made to eat on a sandwich last week? makes a great veggie dip!!), apple w/PB
  • Supper – soup, 1/2 ww. pasta (lunch portion)

530.5/1,400 miles.


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