11 Jun

We are down to the single digits!!! Just 9 days left until we’re taking off for West Palm Beach. Oh my I cannot wait. Only 7 1/2 workdays until I am free for 16 1/2 days. 🙂 🙂

For now though, real life. Monday was a great day of work, gazelle thrown in there, and Zach and I decided to try something new for our workout. We ran to the gym! I knew I wanted us to do some more outdoor work at the gym on the adult “playground” (aka tires, monkey bars, hurdles, logs, etc.) and I wanted to run as well so I thought, why not run to the gym? We did have to run on the road some but the roads to my gym aren’t too busy for the most part and we discovered from our door to the door of the Y is 1.3 miles. That makes it 2.6 round trip, so basically a two and a half mile run which is just about the right mix of long enough but not too long when combined with other stuff! So we ran to the Y and did some of the following: jumped hurdles, balance-walked across logs, set up tires and practiced tire running, ran while dragging a tire using the belt that loops around your waist and of course the monkey bars. The big, adult monkey bars. I did so much better than I did a week ago! Last week I could complete them but not fluidly, I had to pause and also had to put both hands on the same bar several times. This time I was able to alternate swinging bar to bar and quickly too! I completed the whole thing in 7 seconds. 🙂 I also practiced dropping to the ground (it’s a bit of a drop) because I have always been nervous about things like that and I know that I’ll have to face some high drops during the mudder (like off the berlin walls and such) so I am working on my landing ability. It’s a great place to practice random things, though I really with they’d get outdoor battle ropes and some boxes to do box jumps! After “playing” we ran back home and unfortunately I have no idea how long the whole thing took because I forgot to stop my Fitbit from recording until after it had recorded 2 1/2 hours! Oops. At least I know my mileage!

Leftovers for dinner Monday night and Zach and I went to watch a half of an off-season girl’s soccer game. He was scouting some of his girls that he’ll have this season. 🙂 That was pretty much it for Monday!

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB, 1 slice cinnamon raisin toast
  • Lunch – leftover cauliflower cheese soup
  • Supper – leftover creamy chicken fettucine

Tuesday the packing began. Sort of. I haven’t actually started packing clothes yet but I started piling up all the “extras” that need to be taken. Things like the tripod, underwater camera, chargers, aloe, sunscreen, etc. It feels productive to start gathering stuff up! 🙂 Tuesday morning I did gazelle and had the best Mudderling workout yet after work! It felt the easiest that it has so far and I stopped the least amount of time that I ever have! So nice to see progress being made. We did it in 50 minutes (1.49 miles, 284 calories)

We were supposed to have a young couple over for dinner last night. They are some “kids” from our church who are getting married soon and going through marriage counseling. Well just like we had to do when we were going through counseling, they have been instructed to get together with a young couple, a couple who’s been married quite awhile and a couple who has been married a looong time. Guess who they picked to meet with for their young couple? That would be us. 🙂 It’s flattering and humbling, especially since I remember what a big deal this assignment was and how much we learned from it. I had a dinner lined up to make for them but unfortunately one of them got sick shortly before they were supposed to come over. We rescheduled and I went ahead and made the dinner as planned, just for Zach and I!


It was a repeat from several years ago called Cheesy Chicken Tortellini Bake from Pampered Chef Stoneware Inspirations. In a large pot I sautéed some onion and garlic in oil. Then I added spinach and whole wheat cheese tortellini, cubed chicken (that I had already cooked and chopped), water, almond milk (instead of regular), pepper, dried basil, alfredo sauce and peas. This was brought to a boil then poured in a casserole dish-


I made a topping from breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese and butter and it all baked in the oven for 20 minutes. We were so ready to eat by the time it came out!


The last time I made this was in like 2009 but I remembered it being good and guess what? It still was. 🙂


It was filling too! I didn’t think my small bowl looked like much when I began eating but I was stuffed by the time I was done! That’s what I love, a delicious meal that leaves me satisfied and not still hungry when I’m done. 🙂


Almost half-way through our week now and we’ve got dinner plans with family tonight for a birthday. The days leading up to vacation are only going to get busier and more hectic and I love it!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – PB oatmeal
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – cheesy chicken tortellini

526/1,400 miles. 103/150 running miles.


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