9 Jun

So Monday…we meet again. At least I only have 2 of these left to work before vacation!! Thankfully I had a very fun distraction on Saturday to take my mind of vacation planning…briefly. Before I got to have my fun though I had to get my workouts in! Zach and I got up, ate some fuel and went for a 2 mile run in our neighborhood (21 minutes, 178 calories). When we got back from our run we went immediately into our Mudderling bootcamp. Since we’d just been running, we skipped the 5 minute cardio warm-up and jumped right into our circuits. This boot camp was pretty tough doing it right after the run like that! I figure that is a great thing to do for training though, practicing running and strength moves all together like that. We also skipped the cool down because I didn’t have time so our workout amounted to 36 minutes (1.07 miles, 202 calories).

Once we were done I gladly showered (in practically cold water I was so hot!), got ready and headed to Indy for my 3rd year at Vintage IN! Vintage is a wine event that allows you to try as many samples as you want from the participating wineries. You buy a ticket that gets you into the park (and gets you a free glass) then you taste to your heart’s content. In the past years we’ve made it a goal to hit each winery represented but this year we didn’t quite make it, we figured that was because we got a bottle to share that we drank small amounts of while we waited in long lines. It was a great idea since the lines got crazy at the end of the day, but it resulted in us sampling 38 wines when in past years I’ve had 58 or 60! Remember, these are very small pours. 🙂 The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had sooo much fun trying delicious wine (we stuck to mostly sweeter varieties) and talking non-stop for hours!

IMG_1474 IMG_1475 IMG_1477



We ate lunch off a caribbean food truck-


My 2 coconut shrimp were awesome and the plantains were the best plantains I’ve ever had! I didn’t even need that sauce that came with it. My only complaint? How tiny this lunch was! Especially with how much I spent on it. I guess that’s what happens when you order really quality shrimp! Our bottle was a sparkling Razzy-Apple from Huber’s winery (or Hubler’s as Leah says :))

IMG_1483 IMG_1486 IMG_1491

We also discovered that the shaded grassy area by the porta-potties was an ideal place to hang out…

IMG_1492 IMG_1500 IMG_1503

Ha! When we were burned out on tasting (we skipped like 8 to 10 wineries!) we went down to the canal, put our feet in and enjoyed yet more talking on the gorgeous day.


Of course we took lots of pictures like always too. 🙂

IMG_1517 IMG_1520 IMG_1522 IMG_1528 IMG_1538

Leah’s husband Grant picked us up (no driving for us!) and we went back to her apartment.


We watched her cute baby practice his “running” 🙂 before we decided to do something else that you should always do on nice, summery days-


Jumped in the pool of course! Leah let me borrow a swimsuit and we jumped in and took loads more pictures and swam around enjoying the water for awhile.

IMG_1544 IMG_1553 IMG_1569 IMG_1576

I hung out at their apartment, eating a piece of their pizza, having a miniature nap, before heading back to Muncie where I talked Zach into getting us Pizza King for dinner and a milkshake to share. Pretty sure it was the day of wine that ordered dinner… 😉 Leah and I had the best time together, especially since nowadays our time together is few and far between. Thankful we were able to spend so much of the day together though!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana w/PB
  • Lunch – 2 coconut shrimp, plantains, loads of wine samples, probably about 2 1/2 glasses of wine from our bottle
  • Supper – 2 breadsticks, pizza (1 regular slice, 4 pizza king slices), milkshake

Sunday morning I was teaching the 2-4 year olds and since Mom is on vacation, Zach taught with me! That was pretty adorable. 🙂 After church we had a spontaneous lunch date with his parents. They were at a place called “Our Daily Bread” that I have recently been made aware of. I guess it’s been in Muncie a little while but it is just a tiny cafe that serves up home cooking (think Grandma’s house) and I was excited to try it out! Since I didn’t know we’d be going to lunch I didn’t have my camera. That’s doubly unfortunate because not only do I not have pictures of my lunch, but I don’t have pictures of the eclectic interior either. I guess next time since I do think we will be going back there. 🙂 I got the meatloaf with a salad, roll and mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was good but not my favorite type (a little sweet for me) but everything else was great! Surprisingly my meatloaf was my least favorite dish, and I really did like it, but everyone else’s lunches were even better! Of course we shared bites all around and Vicki’s lasagna, Zach’s chicken and noodles and Ron’s ribs were all superb. There was a peach cobbler with ice cream that we saw go by that looked amazing AND they have REAL fudge (you know how I feel about real fudge!!) but we were too full to indulge…next time.

When we were done eating Vicki and I walked around the flea market that is attached checking out the unique things for sale. It’s amazing what kind of stuff people accumulate… The rest of the day involved menu planning, grocery shopping and cleaning before the weather cleared up some and I went for a walk. That whole “you never regret a workout” thing is always true. Even though Sundays have kind of become a rest day for me I like to always get a walk in. I did NOT feel like going for a walk though, I was pretty tired, but I grabbed a book and headed out in my neighborhood anyway. 53 minutes (2.84 miles, 250 calories) later I was only glad I had gone. 🙂

Zach had guys over last night so I went to Vicki’s to do an online Child Abuse training that we have to complete for daycare (mine didn’t register my certificate so I have to do the whole thing over again!!! Grrrr) and we watched adorable baby videos of Zach. What a precious little guy he was! 🙂 🙂 Came home and went to bed early and just like that the weekend was done!

Here’s hoping this week goes a little faster than last week!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – berries
  • Lunch – salad, roll, 3/4 meatloaf, 1/2 mac and cheese (boxed the rest)
  • Supper – PB&J banana wrap

519.5/1,400 miles. 101.5/150 running miles.


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