7 Jun

After a long work week, it’s finally the weekend! For a couple of days anyway… Yesterday I didn’t have my full load of kids and it’s looking like I won’t next week either. Lots of families going on their vacations. Hey, I will definitely take some lighter weeks before my own vacation! 🙂 I did the gazelle in the morning and ran sprints at the gym after work. Treadmill time was 32 minutes (2.6 miles, 234 calories) and my legs were getting tired at the end. I ran each sprint .1 faster than last week when I ran them. Luckily I didn’t have to do anything for dinner except defrost some Ezekiel bread because it was all ready! At nap-time I was busy dicing cucumber and roasted red peppers…

IMG_1463 IMG_1465


I let them sit on a paper towel for a little bit so it could absorb the liquid before I put them into a bowl. Also in the bowl went a diced clove of garlic, FF cream cheese, salt and minced onion. This was all mixed together to make a Roasted Red Pepper Spread from Way to Cook Vegetarian.


The spread called for 6 oz. of 1/3 less fat cream cheese + 3 oz. of FF cream cheese but I just used 8 oz. of fat free and called it a day. 🙂 It went onto Ezekiel bread with some romaine.


Look at those gorgeous fresh veggies in there!


I reallllly liked this spread! It was easy, healthy, made a lot and best of all was delicious! I am not a huge sandwich person but I enjoyed having a sandwich for dinner as a change.


Of course Zach seemed to enjoy it as well. 🙂 Our friend Everett has a new job selling term insurance or something like that, so we spent a good portion of the evening letting him and his trainer “practice” on us (though I think his trainer was really trying to sell us something, ha!). Then we made a quick run to Kohls where I picked up a couple of things for vacation (13 days now!) and took a drive. Reading, sleep, and now up for some working out this beautiful Saturday morning before I head to Indy to hang out with Leah!!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB, 1 slice of toast w/jam
  • Lunch – broc. and cauliflower w/cheese, pear
  • Supper – red pepper spread sandwich

514/1,400 miles


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