6 Jun

Finally Friday is here! Mom and Dad have landed safely in Colorado and I am getting super pumped for tomorrow’s wine day at Vintage with Leah! The weather is looking like it will be pretty beautiful. 🙂 Yesterday’s weather was beautiful as well which was great since I went for a run. This was the first time I have attempted a longer distance outside by myself. I’ve ran indoors with a book for 4 or 5 miles a couple of times but never hit the pavement solo for more than a mile or two. Armed with my iPod and determination I got the Greenway and ran a non-stop, awesome 4 miles! My iPod definitely was an asset (it really helps to not be able to hear myself breathing and feet pounding) and I especially kicked it up when songs like “Roar” and “Haven’t Met you Yet” came on. 🙂 I ran my 4 miles in 41:38 (529 calories- now THAT is a calorie burn!! Highest ever for that amount of time for me??) and though I would like to run the 4 in 40 minutes flat, I was nothing but proud; especially since that’s the longest distance I’ve ran in awhile. Mudder training!!

Also for exercise I did gazelle in the morning and 30 minutes of yoga at nap time. I finally found another youtube yoga video I like!! Yoga Flow- Fat Burning was a faster paced vinyasa flow practice and I thought it was slightly challenging and it kept my interest. It was especially good since I had to miss yoga last week and I’ll be missing it again tomorrow!

When I got back from my sweaty run I heated up some leftovers for dinner and Hillary came over for a night of Florida planning. Zach was gone having soccer practice, he is back into full-swing soccer mode with practices every morning and two-a-days on Thursdays. Can’t wait for vacation to have uninterrupted time together!! Hillary and I got a lot accomplished making a grocery list and a loose itinerary for the whole time we’re there. Oh man do we have some serious fun planned!!! EEK! Just two weeks exactly from today!!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/half banana, other half of banana w/PB
  • Lunch – tortilla “pizza” I took a whole wheat tortilla and spread some marinara on it. Seasoned it with red pepper flakes and fresh oregano. On the stove I sautéed red + green pepper and mushrooms then sprinkled them on the tortilla.IMG_1461
  • Topped with monterey jack cheese and put it under the broiler for just a minute before serving it up “pizza style”. This rocked! It was a healthy, delicious way to enjoy pizza.
  • IMG_1462
  • Supper – leftover creamy chicken w/fettucine

510/1,400 miles. 99.5/150 miles. (SO close to 100!)


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