1 Jun

Continuing to follow a checklist has served well so far this weekend! Friday was a low-key kickoff to the weekend but still a good day and night. Gazelle in the morning and sprints at the gym after work. It had been quite some time since I ran sprints and it was really great to do so again. In 30 minutes I got in 2.5 miles (225 calories). My legs could feel it right away! I think this will be a good exercise to incorporate into our mudder training some.

Zach had to meet with a guy for a little while Friday evening, so I took some leftovers over to Mom’s and watched the Bachelorette while eating the last of the leftover green chile chicken. I tried to spice it up with a little Italian salad dressing seasoning but it still was just okay. Mom and I took a short walk after the show since it was so nice out (23 minutes, 1.37 miles and 111 calories) and when we got back to the house Zach was there to pick me up! He and I came home and finished our movie Memento and then headed to bed ready to get up for our 5k in the morning!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB
  • Lunch – egg white scramble
  • Supper – watermelon, chicken w/brown rice

Saturday morning dawned a beautiful, warm, cloudless day. We met our other running club founders early at the course to set up. It was basically just a loop that you had to run slightly less than 3 times but we set up a little water table with a timer plus bananas and muffins for people who wanted them after the run. This was more of a 5k run/walk, not a race since most people weren’t big runners. I ran decently for not having run much the past few weeks and my time was 30:58. It was a HOT run too! Once I finished I hooked up with some ladies who have been practicing alternating jogging and walking and I went another mile with them to encourage them until they finished. Then we all went back to help encourage a little guy who’s been coming out every week and trying so hard. He was the last one done of the day but he did it and we were all so proud! I should have taken my camera… Overall in the 56 minutes I did 4.4 miles (but only counting 3 for running) and burned 345 calories.

When Zach and I got home we planned out our menu for the week, he made us some delicious nachos for lunch with the leftover fish from fish taco night and then it was time for workout number 2- Mudderling! Yep, tough mudder boot camp even after a 4+ mile workout in the morning. That sounded a little hard but when we thought about how on the day of Tough Mudder we’ll be doing 10+ miles and a lot more strength than a bootcamp we figured we’d better suck it up and do it! Surprisingly it was the easiest it’s felt. Now when I say that by no means do I mean it was easy. We were hot and sweaty and still had to stop plenty but the moves didn’t feel as difficult and I found myself being able to go longer before I needed to catch my breath or rest. So that’s progress I suppose! It took 54 minutes (1.31 miles, 290 calories) and I was such a hot mess by the time we were done with all that working out that I went straight to the pool.

It was such a perfect day for laying out and floating. For over 2 hours of sunshine I alternated floating around on a raft and laying on my stomach on a beach chair reading. First time to the pool this year and it was heavenly! Once I got back home and did a quick change Zach and I left to go get Steven and the three of us headed to Indy. First up was dinner at Siam Square, a Thai place that gets good reviews in Indy Monthly.

IMG_1413 IMG_1414

Zach got a dish called Pad Pew which was spicy and pretty good. I got a panang curry with soft-shell crab that was good but honestly couldn’t hold a candle to Thai Smile. We enjoyed this place but all agreed that we are spoiled with Thai Smile in Muncie and wouldn’t need to go back here. At least we tried it! After dinner we went to an Indy 11 soccer game. They are Indy’s soccer team that was founded just last year and Steven has season tickets. We tailgated in the parking lot for a little bit first-


This meant that the guys had beer and I took pictures. 🙂 No drinking allowed on the checklist for this day! When we went into the stadium we took up “seats” in the battalion.


I say “seats” because the only time we sat was at half-time. The battalion is the die-hard fan area where we stand and scream and do chants and wave flags. It was great fun! I enjoyed it all minus the taunting. I grew up being taught to be a good sport and cheer for your team but don’t tear the other team down in the process. I really think some of the “fans” in this section come more to yell at the refs for every single call and scream at the other team’s players. Overall though I loved the camaraderie of being in the battalion!

IMG_1423 IMG_1426 IMG_1428 IMG_1430 IMG_1433

Unfortunately our team lost 2-1 with a goal the other team put in with just minutes to go. At least I got to experience how insane the battalion goes when we score though, that was fun! Steven let me wear one of his scarves so I got to perfect the art of “scarf twirling” during the chants. 🙂


We got home a little after 11 and crashed, it had been a very full, fun day!!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana w/PB
  • Lunch – fish nachos
  • Supper – 3/4 curry with rice

486/1,400 miles. 92/150 running miles.


  1. victoria June 1, 2014 at 3:14 pm #

    I love love love these pictures at the soccer game. I hope you post on FB to.

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