29 May

Before I continue with my Memorial Day weekend posts I need to squeeze in a quick update! Tuesday was back to work and feeling like a Monday, which thankfully it wasn’t. I did my gazelle in the morning and despite having sub-par energy levels (typical of a return from a trip) I sucked it up and did the Mudderling boot camp with Zach! It didn’t take as long as last time since we knew what we were doing, just 48 minutes this time (273 calories, 1.36 miles). I also didn’t burn as many calories as the first time. I’m sure that was due to the fact that I was moving much slower, hopefully by the next time we do it again my stamina will be increasing though!

We got to have dinner at Mom and Dad’s after our workout-


Parmesan corn on the cob, bruschetta, parsley potatoes and a delicious fish and onion foil packet! The Wednesday exercise front was pretty puny, gazelle was it! Now though with vacation a mere 22 days away I’ve written out a good exercise and food plan to follow. It’s not like a “diet” or anything, the foods and workouts are the same as I would do on any good day but it helps to write them all down and have a checklist to follow. Today’s checklist looks like this:

  • Eat yogurt for breakfast
  • Eat salad for lunch
  • Eat what I fix at home tonight for dinner
  • No snacks
  • Do gazelle
  • Do some yoga
  • Run

Two of those things have already been checked off! Can you guess which two? 😉 I think I’ll like having a schedule, I am such a “write things down and cross things off” type of person. I do have some days with a little leniency built in such as glass of wine or snack but overall the plan is to get in as great of shape as possible without being unrealistic or extreme during the next 22 days. After all, the whole first week of vacation is going to be living in a bikini in Florida!!

464.5/1,400 miles.


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