23 May

Another half day, another trip to embark upon! Vicki will be here at noon today and Zach and I will head down to Knoxville. We’ll be with John and Heather (and baby Matilda!!) tonight, all day tomorrow and tomorrow night. Sunday morning we’ll head over to Asheville, NC to meet up with Kori for a day of adventure and a night of fun and then we’ll leave Asheville Monday morning. Hooray for vacations!!

I intended yesterday to be somewhat of a rest day but I actually ended up getting a lot of activity in. That’s okay since I’ll be spending half of today sitting in a car! It all started with 30 minutes on the gazelle in the morning. Then at nap time I did a 15 minute yoga routine by Tone It Up. I haven’t referenced them in forever but they really are a good resource for quick but effective workout routines and I rather enjoyed this yoga video! First one I have done at home that I would do again. After work Mom and I went out on the Greenway for 55 minutes (2.97 miles and 254 calories). It was a good walk that was longer than we expected and I rushed to fix dinner when I got home. I made Chicken with Green Chile off of a recipe I had torn out of a magazine but it wasn’t good enough to post all the details about. I seasoned the chicken with cajun spice and then made a sauce of cream of chicken soup, water, lemon juice, green chiles and greek yogurt.


We ate it over brown rice and it was good but not GREAT. Mom’s green chile chicken she makes is much better!


The side of veggies on the other hand was fantastic! I steamed broccoli + zucchini, tossed it in a little bit of butter and seasoned with some of a package of dry onion soup mix. They turned out great.


After eating (and watching some more of Memento) Zach and I took a walk to a park that’s near our house. Our goal was to get some Tough Mudder practice in on the monkey bars and such but they monkey bars weren’t great at this location. They did have pull-up bars though and some other unique equipment so we spent awhile climbing around alternating strength moves with just flat-out playing. 🙂 It’s no wonder kids are usually in such good shape, all the things they do are tough! Things I took for granted as a kid like swinging non-stop or running up slides or hanging upside-down from jungle gyms are much harder now than they were then. Not for long though, we’re getting stronger! 🙂 I ALMOST did a completed pull-up last night, I got super close! Zach can do several so he’s got me beat there but we had an “arm hang” contest to see who could just flat out hang longer and I won. 🙂 Our walk stats were 46 minutes (1.92 miles, 215 calories). Mileage is low since about 20+ minutes in the middle there were playground playing.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend, not sure if any posts will go up or not. Perhaps just a workout update or two. We’ve definitely got some fun, active things planned!!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana w/PB, 1/2 blueberry doughnut (a kid brought them for their birthday)
  • Lunch – 1/2 leftover calzone (last of those, they were GOOD!!)
  • Supper – veggies, chicken w/brown rice

OH! Another exciting thing, FOUR weeks from today is vacation!!! Just 28 days left but for now I’ll focus on this weekend’s mini-vacation. 🙂

439/1,400 miles.


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