22 May

Just another day and a half until Zach and I are off on adventures! I have been so fortunate to have so many trips so far this year and I am so glad Zach is coming with me on this one. 🙂 Yesterday was a fantastic day of food and exercise! Though the daycare kids were awfully wild… Gazelle in the morning followed by a day of “Don’t do that. No hitting! Hands to yourself. Come sit out” etc.etc. Thankfully my day was broken up with sweetness involved too. It was Zach and I’s 11 year dating anniversary and he had hidden 11 surprises around the house for me to find! He’s a true romantic. 🙂 Hard to believe it’s been 11 years since the day he first asked me to “go out with him”! I said before we were ever even dating that I was going to marry that kid and guess what? I did. Here’s a few pictures of some surprises…

IMG_0856 IMG_0869 IMG_0865

So much fun to do normal chores (like fix the kids lunch, laundry, etc.) and find special treats! After work I went to spin class for 66 minutes (24.0 miles exactly and 392 calories burned) then dashed home to throw dinner together before run club. I made a breakfast dinner from So Easy of Chocolate & Strawberry Stuffed French Toast.


It sounded like a good idea in theory and it wasn’t bad it just wasn’t as delicious as I’d hoped. This one wasn’t a make again for us.


The gist of it was putting part-skim ricotta on one slice of wheat bread, adding strawberries and bittersweet chocolate chips and then topping with another slice of whole wheat bread to make a sandwich. Dip the whole sandwich in a mix of almond milk + eggs + vanilla and cook it stovetop. Finish off with more strawberries and eat!


Even if it wasn’t my favorite meal ever, I still licked my plate clean. 🙂


We had to head out for run club immediately after eating. It was a beautiful evening to run outdoors! I stayed with the same woman that I ran with last week and we alternated walking and running so I didn’t get a full run in, but it was good to encourage her and nice for both of us to get to talk more. In the 30 minutes we got 2.1 miles and 236 calories, so not too bad!

I ran to Target with Mom after run club and failed at finding anything I liked in the clothing department but I did come out with a home pull-up bar! You know, the kind you attach in your doorframe? Hoping we don’t end up like another joke on youtube from that thing crashing down… I can’t wait to get it up and keep building my upper body strength. That’s all for now!

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – blueberry oatmeal
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – strawberry chocolate stuffed french toast

433.5/1,400 miles.


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