21 May

Now that I’ve finally caught up on South Carolina posts I suppose I can get back to present time. 🙂 I need to back it up to Monday on which I finally got to TRX again and had an extremely brutal workout. It was just me and one other woman there and the trainer had set up some insane circuits for us. It involved some bootcamp-like stuff such as flipping punching bags and pushing/dragging a bag full of weighted plates and doing shuttle runs. Good mudder training! We were so completely wiped at the end but I was so glad I’d been there for it. I got .73 miles from it which is pretty good for TRX. Unfortunately it looks like that will be my last TRX for awhile. 😦 The trainer is moving her classes to mornings only and that doesn’t work with my schedule. I am really going to miss it for so many reasons. It’s the best way to kick off the week on Monday nights, it’s a great strength workout, it’s such a change-up from my other exercises and it’s flat out fun! I am going to have to find something to replace it with I suppose… She’ll start evenings back up in September she said and I plan on being back at the first one. 🙂

After TRX we had Bible study! After several weeks off I was so glad to have it again. Most of the families in our study have kids who are in spring sports so it’s been cancelled a lot lately but I always miss it when it is. Dinner was easy to put together after Bible study because I’d done all the prep work at nap time!


This recipe came from a Taste of Home: Healthy Cooking magazine and was called Broccoli Fritters. This was pretty easy to assemble and even easier to cook! Just a few minutes on each side in a skillet and they were done!


We ate them with salsa and greek yogurt but they didn’t really need the greek yogurt, they were great on their own!

IMG_0839 IMG_0840

These had a lot of flavor, were a fantastic vegetarian choice and had an excellent nutrition profile.


Once we were done with dinner we decided to enjoy the nice evening by going for a short walk and we got 24 minutes of walking and talking in (1.21 miles, 126 calories). It was a great evening to be out. 🙂 The night finished with a snack and our next top 250 movie – Memento. It’s interesting so far!

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – PB&J banana wrap
  • Lunch – egg white scramble
  • Supper – 3 broccoli fritters
  • Snack – cupcake

*Oh and of course booty call was included on Monday

On to Tuesday! Again gazelle time was done in the morning but the real workout was that evening. I had a good, easy day of daycare and was pumped and ready for Tuesday’s workout- our first Tough Mudder boot camp!! They have a training series on their website that has three levels of intensity- Mudderling, Almost Mudder and Tough Mudder. We did the Mudderling workout yesterday and that was tough enough!! We warmed up for 5 minutes doing 1 minute each of running, grapevines, side shuffles, high knees and butt kicks. What follows were 3 10 minute circuits with 1 minute of rest between each. This workout was like an Insanity workout except harder!! We did mountain climbers, pushups, shoulder jacks, skaters, tire runs, planks, crawl outs, turkish get ups, jump rope and so, so much more. Followed by a 5 minute cool down. In the 56 minutes this took us (we had to stop to read workout descriptions since it was our first time so it took longer than the 40 minutes it should take) I burned 345 calories and did 1.84 miles of distance just in our backyard. Zach and I were sweating and guzzling water but we did it together and that made it special. The majority of the moves I had to take breaks on and I can’t wait to see progress! We’ll do this first level for probably a month before moving on to the next one. One of the big things I need to learn to be able to do for a Tough Mudder are pull-ups, upper body strength is so key. I have never been able to do one and right now when we are on the pull-up portion of the workout I have to do arm hangs instead (just hanging there holding my body weight) which are still tough! I absolutely can’t wait to be able to do a pull-up and my goal is to be able to do 3 by the Tough Mudder.

We headed straight to Mom and Dad’s after our workout and were famished! Luckily Mom had an awesome meal for us-

IMG_0844 IMG_0846

The grilled cheese had 2 types of cheeses and a sandwich seasoning that made it awesome but the soup was the real highlight! It had kidney beans, zucchini, hominy, diced tomatoes and green chiles, several spices and probably other things I am forgetting. It was SO good. Hunger is the best seasoning and after the Mudderling this food tasted incredible! We had a special treat after dinner too-



Strawberry shortcake! Mom used to make this when I was growing up and made it for Zach some when we were dating. We haven’t had it in ages and he’s been dropping hints to her lately and last night his wish was granted. 🙂 It’s a shortbread biscuit that we butter and heat in the microwave, top with milk and sugar and then add lots of strawberries. Such a good summer-time dish. Even if it’s not quite summer yet…

Busy couple of days coming up now and I’m getting super excited for this weekend’s adventures!!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/blueberries
  • Lunch – leftover squash pizza, apple w/PB
  • Supper – grilled cheese, soup, strawberry shortcake

422/1,400 miles.


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