20 May

This is getting ridiculous. I am about to go on another trip this weekend for Memorial Day weekend and I still haven’t finished blogging my last trip!! That ends today. Last day of South Carolina post coming up right now!

If you can remember, Saturday in SC was taken up mostly at the lakes and then we went to bed by 11 that night. We popped up refreshed on Sunday morning ready for adventure. I had half a day before I needed to be at the airport and we intended to make the most of it. We headed to Dupont State (or is it National?) Forest to do some hiking. Our first stop was to this GIANT rock that we climbed and had incredible views from.

IMG_0479 IMG_0481

There was graffiti all over the rocks which on the one hand I wasn’t crazy about seeing out in nature but on the other hand it was weirdly beautiful.

IMG_0490 IMG_0496

After the rock we drove to an outlook for a short walk to more great views.

IMG_0503 IMG_0505 IMG_0511

We descended some stairs into a really narrow crevice (it was chilly down in the rocks!) and managed to find a place to self-timer a picture of ourselves. 🙂

IMG_0513 IMG_0517

A short drive further and we parked to hike to our main reason for heading this way- Triple Falls!
IMG_0522 IMG_0529

It’s obvious how they got their name. 🙂 We were able to hike right up to the falls and get some really fun pictures.

IMG_0534 IMG_0550 IMG_0551 IMG_0554 IMG_0555

It was a gorgeous day for all of this and one of the first days of this whole year that I have actually been HOT outside. So nice for it to feel like summertime. On our way back out of the park we stopped for some incredibly good fudge-


Then headed back into Greenville for lunch at a Mexican place. I packed up all my stuff and we spent an hour together over chips and cheese dip and margaritas before I was dropped off at the tiny airport that it felt like I had just come out of. Uneventful flight to Cleveland where I had a 2+ hour layover. I spent the time having a glass of wine and cheese fries in a restaurant right off my gate. 🙂 Then it was just a short hour flight back to Indy during which I had beautiful views!

IMG_0577 IMG_0581 IMG_0586

I love flying at night! Then it was home for another reunion with my wonderful husband. Getting hugs from him at the airport is such a wonderful thing. 🙂 So blessed to have been able to have another safe and fun trip to visit a friend!! Coming up soon: We’re headed to Knoxville, TN for Memorial Day weekend to stay with John and Heather and then going to Asheville, NC on Sunday to see Kori for a day + night!!! Can’t wait!



  1. Heather May 21, 2014 at 9:36 am #

    More fun times ahead! We can’t wait to see you!

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