19 May

Oh boy do we have the bug. The Tough Mudder bug that is! First, my Saturday. Instead of typing it all out I think I’ll just bullet point it for fun…

  • Yoga (great to be back after a couple of weeks and felt SERIOUSLY stretched out)
  • Packed for our overnight
  • leftovers for lunch
  • Greenway walk/run for 1hr. 12 min. (488 calories, 5.4 miles) I ran the first half mile then alternated running with walking + reading like usual. I ran more on the way back then I usually do because I was outrunning ominous, DARK storm clouds. I made it back safely. 🙂
  • Cleaning
  • Menu planning
  • Rode to Indy with Steven’s friends to meet Steven and Zach so that Steven could go with them and I would go with Zach. (The guys had already been in Indy all day)
  • Dinner at a new place for us – Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles. Excuse the terrible pictures, it wasn’t exactly the place to be snapping away for food photos..
  • DSCF0089 DSCF0090
  • Zach got their signature dish the (surprise) chicken and waffles with peach butter. I got a side salad and a small side of mac and cheese. The salad wasn’t anything exciting and I took almost all the cheese off of it (there’s a pile hiding under the bowl) but the macaroni was very good! We shared, of course, and were happy for a cheap, tasty southern dinner but both agreed it wasn’t somewhere we had to go back to.
  • Drove 3 1/2 hours to Mansfield, OH and spent the night in a Super 8

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana w/PB
  • Lunch – leftover calzone + a couple of bites of ham and potatoes
  • Supper – salad, small mac & cheese, bites of Zach’s chicken & waffles 

Sunday morning we were up EARLY. 5:45am early. I didn’t sleep great the night before, I have a hard time sleeping away from home sometimes…does this mean I am getting old? Despite that though I was ready for our day of volunteering ahead! I suppose it’s finally time to talk about Tough Mudder. I mentioned a long time ago that it was my goal to do one of these and that goal is becoming a reality! Tough Mudder is THE mud/obstacle race to end them all. I’m not talking about some 3 mile “warrior dash” or “dirty girl” (not that there is anything wrong with those!) but a serious, insane, intense run. Tough Mudders take place all over the US but unfortunately there are not any Indiana locations yet. It varies from location to location but is always between 10 and 13 miles with obstacles every mile or more. Some obstacles stay the same for all course and others differ. I first got hooked on the idea of a Tough Mudder months ago while reading the blog of a woman who ran lots of them. It just looked so fun and hard and right up my alley! I’ve never had a big desire to do a mini-marathon (yes, I realize this is about the same distance) but mostly that’s because I don’t feel the urge to flat out run for 2+ hours straight. Breaking it up with obstacles though? That’s a whole ‘nother story! I’ve always wanted to see how I would fare at a boot camp and love obstacle style workouts and this race has it all. Thing is Tough Mudder is pretty expensive. Like $160+ a person expensive. At the beginning of the year I was trolling around on their site dreaming about it when I saw the volunteer opportunities and the volunteer perks. Lots of perks are involved but the one that caught my eye? Being able to run a mudder for only $40 after you volunteer!! I was sold and signed Zach and I up immediately and crossed my fingers that we’d land a spot (volunteering for a tough mudder is so coveted that the volunteer spots fill up fast!). Fast forward several months and we found ourselves at the course for Tough Mudder Ohio yesterday. 🙂

DSCF0091 DSCF0093

They fed us breakfast of Panera bagels, we donned our Tough Mudder volunteer shirts and our shifts began. Zach and I were working 7am to 12:30pm and our designation was “finish chute”. The thing is with the race waves starting at 9, no one is coming through the finish chute until almost 11am at the earliest. So for the first 4 hours of our shift Zach and I were the welcoming committee! We stood at the entrance to the whole shebang and greeted every single person after they went through registration. Mainly our job was to make sure everyone had their wrist bands and to give out lots of encouraging high fives, fist pounds and “good lucks”. It was actually really, really fun! We’re both friendly and energetic so it was a great place for us to be and it was cool seeing all the mudders arrive in their gear with excited and nervous looks on their faces.

DSCF0095 DSCF0097

At 11 we moved to the finish chute where we layered tons of orange headbands on our arms and waited for finishers. Whenever someone would come in through the final obstacle (electroshock therapy-


yes. you run through an area with wires that shock you.) we would cheer for them, congratulate them and crown them with the coveted orange Tough Mudder headband. I can’t wait to earn mine!! It was an incredibly muddy area to finish in-


This was also a fun area to work but by the time 12:30 rolled around we were glad to be done. It was a long day of being on our feet, can’t imagine what we’ll feel like when we actually run the thing. They provided lunch for us as well which was good! We got free beers but I turned mine down and chose the vegetarian bagged lunch. I ate a yummy wrap stuffed with veggies, gave my chips to Zach and happily enjoyed the soft chocolate chip cookie. After we ate we decided to walk the spectator trail to check out some of the obstacles. The whole mudder has spectator trails running along it so that friends and family can come cheer you on. I am not sure how people get to other parts of the course since it’s so long but I am assuming they use carts and such to get people around. We just walked to a couple of the obstacles that were at the very end-

DSCF0102 DSCF0105

Some aren’t so tough like the mud tubes people were crawling through and some are incredibly difficult such as this one.


Everest. The picture does not even do this justice. It’s at every race and you have to run up this thing (it’s huge!) as hard as possible and hope to reach the top. There are volunteers and other mudders who stay at the top to help people up but you still have to get to their hands and pull yourself up. Watching people do this and watching a video of other obstacles at home helped Zach and I realize just HOW MUCH training we need to do for this. These people are seriously fit and have great upper body strength. We are going to be doing the Michigan mudder at the end of September so we have a little over 4 months to prepare and mudder training starts now! I’m going to be doing the usual spin class/yoga/running/TRX stuff but incorporating mudder boot camp twice a week with Zach. Right now we are thinking Tuesdays/Saturdays but that may change. They have a training program on their website and we are going to start with that. I’m excited and nervous for this and so looking forward to the bragging rights that come with being a Tough Mudder! 🙂 We practiced on a berlin wall set up in the eating area and I realized I have a long way to go though Zach had at least that one down!

DSCF0100 DSCF0101

We came home and after getting groceries for the week we just relaxed with leftovers, snacks and finished the movie The Intouchables which was excellent by the way. Ready for TRX tonight after having missed it the past two weeks!!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – bagel w/cream cheese
  • Lunch – veggie wrap, cookie
  • Supper – chips & salsa, small amount of leftover ham & potatoes
  • Snack – small sundae

417/1,400 miles. 88/150 running miles.


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