8 May

Despite staying up into the wee hours of the morning, my body clock woke me up promptly at 8:15am on Friday morning and was ready to run! So I listened. 🙂 Christine sleeps later than I do so I knew it would be awhile before she was up but I left her a note, threw on my workout clothes and headed out the door. It took me several minutes to figure out how to get out of her gated apartment complex but once I did I had a great run. It was a beautiful, warm morning and I found a quiet side road that took me back by attractive housing additions, pretty churches, streams and lots and lots of hills.

I got back to Christine’s after a good 2 miles (that felt more like 3!) and she was still asleep. Haha so I took advantage of her balcony and read in the nice weather until she woke up and we headed to brunch. We went to a place called Mimi’s Cafe where they had mimosa flights!!


That was so exciting. 🙂 We got to try pomegranate mimosa’s, strawberry-lemonade mimosas and hibiscus mimosas (my favorite). I wasn’t that hungry and in true vacation style I decided to get what I wanted so I ended up with this for my lunch…


A plate of mini desserts! I was most drawn in by the promise of bread pudding (the middle one) but surprisingly it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. The brownie with molten center + vanilla ice cream was good but I only had a couple bites of that one and gave it to Christine. I ate a little over half the bread pudding but then the cinnamon apple crisp + vanilla ice cream on the end got WIPED OUT. It was so good!! Now for the next huge chunk of the day I have…not a single picture. Not to say pictures weren’t being taken though because they certainly were! Christine surprised me with a best friends photo shoot!!!! An extremely nice woman named Tina and her assistant Megan spent over 2 hours with us taking us to train tracks, bridges, ponds, brick walls, flowery areas, old train cars and more to take our pictures. We had the best time and I am dying to see the final results! It was a little awkward having people take sooo many pictures of just the two of you and we joked repeatedly that we felt like a couple, haha, but it was so fun and I know we’ll cherish them forever!

Sadly Christine had to work a 4 hour shift at the hospital Friday night (she’s a nurse) but her sweet dad was my company for the evening and we had a great time! I got ready and waited for him to pick me up at her apartment.


Little did I know we’d be going in a convertible!!


He’s trying to sell it but I was glad he had it on this night because it was so fun riding around in style. It was a Pontiac Solstice and it was NICE. He took me to downtown Greenville so that I could photograph the beautiful and famous Falls Park-

IMG_0298 IMG_0301 IMG_0305 IMG_0306

I have always wanted to go there and the falls are so beautiful! I can’t believe they have such an incredible natural beauty smack dab in their downtown. How I’d love to run on that trail every day… The bridge is really neat too and I loved being able to see it all in person after seeing so many of Christine’s pictures the past few years. Once I got my photo fill we went to Smiley’s where we had drinks, chili cheese fries and listened to some really good live music. I didn’t take any pictures there but we had fun and Ron (her dad) was so sweet to pay for all of my stuff!! We joked that people probably thought he was some old man chasing after a young girl and that I was probably a gold digger. Ha! Let them think what they will, he’s like another dad to me! After Smiley’s we went to a Blues bar and sat outside enjoying some live jazz.

IMG_0313 IMG_0314

I love how much culture you can experience in Greenville with all the live music. I also love being somewhere that it’s warm enough to be outside all the time!! We shared a small plate of crab cakes here before he took me home and called it a night. I fell asleep waiting on Christine to get home and when she finally did we talked briefly before I crashed again, I was worn out! I would need my sleep for the next days adventures… 🙂


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