7 May

Each day eases me a little more right back into my routine. Monday was completely void of productivity but Tuesday I was feeling much more awake and much less allergy ridden! I got 30 minutes on the gazelle done, then had a 30 minute walk with Mom after work (1.59 miles, 133 calories). Nothing like getting home from a trip with no menu planned and having Mom cook dinner for you. 🙂

IMG_0594 IMG_0595

We had salads, some delicious crockpot greek chicken with onions & potatoes and then this incredibly gooey, wonderful cinnamon braid bread. That bread was the bomb. Zach had to run after dinner and I hung out with Mom for awhile hoping that Wheel of Fortune would choose Mom’s spin ID (they never do) before coming back home. Zach and I are as caught up as we can be on Walking Dead right now so we have finally started watching the final season of How I Met Your Mother. This is one show I am going to be awfully sad to see end…

Oh! I don’t think I have mentioned it yet but I came home to some serious home-improvement surprises. Zach put a tack strip down between the bathroom and hallway that I have been wanting forever, he removed the rusted basketball goal post from beside our driveway (it’s been there since we moved in!), he replaced all the hole-ridden screens on our sunporch, fixed the sunporch screen sliding door, replaced the wooden panels all around the base of the sunporch that were rotting away, AND…


he spent the whole weekend working on widening our driveway! My daycare parents always drive through our yard because the driveway isn’t quite wide enough and because of this we have permanent, ugly ruts beside our driveway. Well no longer! Zach dug and leveled and trucked dirt away and added gravel and did all kinds of manly things to prepare the area for concrete. Then yesterday Zach and his parents spent the better part of the day pouring and leveling concrete into the area-

IMG_0592 IMG_0593

Now we keep it blocked off for a few days and then I will have a much wider driveway! That man is so thoughtful and hard-working and wonderful. I can’t even believe it sometimes. 🙂 I feel so completely fortunate and blessed to call him mine!

Got a lot of sleep last night and have some fun plans for this evening, hoping to get another SC blog post up later!

Tuesday’s Food Journal: (here’s a picture of what it looks like when I don’t eat so perfectly…)

  • Breakfast – 1 slice cinnamon raisin tst, apple w/PB
  • Lunch – couscous, 3 slices turkey bacon w/cheese, PB
  • Supper – 2 pieces cinnamon braid bread, salad, chicken w/potatoes
  • Snack – large ice cream sundae 

376/1,400 miles.


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