30 Apr

(Did you sing that title Bon Jovi style? Cause you were meant to. 🙂 You’ll find out what it means at the end of the post!)

Last full day of work today! I’m SO ready for it to be tomorrow afternoon. 🙂 Yesterday, in usual fashion right before I take a trip, was super busy. Gazelle in the morning, thankfully got to take the kids outside in the afternoon and then I found myself in the gym. I’d been planning on an outdoor run but the weather was getting pretty sketchy and storms threatened so I took my workout inside! I did 35 minutes on the treadmill – ran 3 miles and walked a little for 365 calories burned.

Thankfully it was a dinner-at-the-parent’s night so I didn’t have to worry about food. Mom made dinner on the grill!



Potatoes with mustard butter, corn on the cob (my first of the year!) and steaks that were marinated in a maple-balsamic glaze. It was all good and I really loved getting to have corn on the cob. I convinced Mom to run to the mall with me after dinner to look at some summery clothes for SC. We were there for quite awhile but I didn’t come away with much…at least I burned even more calories walking all over the mall! 😉

By the time I finally got home it was 9pm and I stayed up another hour packing and waiting for Zach to get back. Poor guy has been SO busy lately. I had a pretty restless night’s sleep but, per usual, am running on adrenaline today. The kids are pretty wild this morning which makes me all the more glad that I am headed for a mini-vacay tomorrow….

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – pancakes
  • Lunch – broccoli & cauliflower w/cheese, apple w/PB
  • Supper – steak, corn on the cob, potato

360/1,400 miles. 75/150 running miles. HALFWAY THERE ON MY RUNNING GOAL! And in only 4 months 🙂


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