28 Apr

It is POURING out there today. Looks like I am going to be doing my running indoors tonight. Luckily yesterday I was able to do my running outside with no rain and just slightly cooler temperatures! It was especially good that it didn’t rain yesterday since it would have washed the colors right off considering I was doing a Graffiti Run!


Hillary and I woke up early (pretty much when I would wake up for a workday) and left for the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds. We picked up our swag bag that included a color packet, a headband and a pretty cool t-shirt. It was chilly while we were waiting for the race to begin but we headed into the sea of people at the start line and were considerably warmer.


Color packets were thrown repeatedly while waiting for the race to start and we tried to get as much on our white gear as possible!

DSCF9945 DSCF9947

The color is just a powder that is almost like a dust and it comes off very easily. Too easily really, I wish it had stuck better to our clothes! After a little waiting we were off on our 5k. Hillary doesn’t run so we only jogged a small portion of the race and walked the rest. This race is definitely not about achieving a time, there weren’t even time chips on our race bibs! It’s more about the fun and of course the color. We passed through about 5 different color stations during the race, each time trying to get as covered as possible.

DSCF9957 DSCF9960

By the time we were finished we had color in our hair, in our shoes, even on our teeth and it was SO much fun! 🙂

DSCF9968 DSCF9970

We headed to the post-race area where there was some music and a lot more color throwing going on. We were a mess.



They passed out packets that we got to throw and even had color canons!

DSCF9993 DSCF9995

Once we’d had our fill we went to the car and used up our own packets on each other and called it a successful race.


Back at home the first thing I did was shower. I sure needed it! While I waited for Zach to get back home I made one of the components of our dinner we’d be having later – Sweet Cucumber Salad.


This was so easy! I just chopped up cucumber and mixed it with the cilantro, made the “dressing” out of all those ingredients (see recipe) and then tossed it together and let it sit in the fridge. When Zach got back we caught up on our weekends one of the best ways possible, while walking! It was pretty windy but we walked on a pretty path by the river in an area we don’t normally go to. We did 53 minutes (2.84 miles and 262 calories). Then it was our last “Pillars” class we’ve had on Sunday nights. I was so thankful to be able to get to the class since I had missed church in the morning. It was a good wrap-up and we came home HUNGRY. Luckily I’d already prepped some for the main part of dinner too and Zach helped me out and it was done in no time. The creation was Buffalo Chicken which was also from Taste of Home and was actually paired up with the sweet cucumber salad I’d made earlier. The chicken was pounded, seasoned, breaded, cooked stovetop,


Then tossed in wing sauce and topped with cheese!


This meal was excellent!! The chicken was perfect and the flavors were really pronounced. It was spicy and complemented the sweet cucumber salad spot on.


The cucumbers were also really flavorful, soaking them all day was a good idea. Loved the cilantro on them!


Definitely a make-again kind of meal. We were so pleased! The weekend closed out watching our next top 250 movie – Silence of the Lambs. It’s so good so far! Can’t believe I’ve never seen this one!!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana
  • Lunch – PB&J banana wrap (yes, more banana)
  • Supper – buffalo chicken, cucumber salad, popcorn

Oh yeah, did I mention it’s 3 days until South Carolina? THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!! EEK!!

351/1,400 miles.


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