25 Apr

Going into the first rainy day we’ve had all week, good thing I’m taking a night off running tonight! Not working out, mind you, just running. 😉 Not last night though! Last night Zach and I got a different type of Greenway running workout in. First I had the usual workday, gazelle and all followed by going with Vicki to get our arms looked at to confirm that no, we do not have TB. When we got back Zach and I (after a slight, locking ourselves out of the house-vicki to the rescue debacle) went to the Greenway to practice speed work. We walked a little then sprinted all out for 20 seconds as hard as we could, then repeated. Let me tell you, I run sprints on the treadmill sometime but they are at a controlled pace. Running as hard as you possibly can for a whole 20 seconds is TOUGH! We also alternated jogging then running at a fast pace then slowing back down to jogging. It was a great change-up and will definitely help increase endurance and speed. In 35 minutes we covered 1.75 miles and burned 217 calories.

Zach had to eat leftovers for dinner and run to soccer but I fixed a meal for myself that he can enjoy leftovers of tonight. Back around Valentine’s Day Zach had gotten me a gift and there was a coupon in the box for a “free dinner”. I usually don’t pay attention to these things but I decided to enter our code online and check this out. It was for a free meal off plated.com (usually a $12 value) and what they do is have you choose a meal and they send you the ingredients to your door. For the free meal I had 2 choices and I chose the Orecchiette with Caramelized Onions. This is what they sent me:


The recipe, the orecchiette, a clove of garlic, a red onion, a seasoning packet and a can of tomatoes. I wasn’t super impressed and ended up even less impressed when, while cooking, I discovered I was supposed to have a can of CRUSHED tomatoes and they sent me a can of whole tomatoes! The recipe was simple- I cooked the pasta in one pan and sautéed onion and garlic in some oil in another pan. (Had to use a clove of my own garlic because their’s went bad…) To the onion pan I added the seasonings and some red pepper flakes + the tomatoes (which I crushed) and let it all simmer to make a sauce.


Tossed the pasta with the sauce and topped with fresh parmigiano reggiano.

IMG_0189 IMG_0192

This wasn’t a bad meal but there was nothing that special or extra tasty about it. I definitely don’t need to make it again. I also wouldn’t order off that website again (not that that is how I plan meals anyway), I just wasn’t that impressed. The most exciting thing about the meal is that I had never used orecchiette before!


Still, I never turn my nose up at pasta and ate every bit of course. 🙂 I have to say after a week of eating SO perfectly and working out so hard I noticed a difference with this meal. All week my meals have been very natural and healthy and even small amounts have filled me up well. Eating this white pasta did NOT do the trick. I ate slightly more than a serving and still felt hungry shortly after. I never ate anything else because I knew I didn’t need more food but I was truly experiencing the way that white products dump insulin too quickly into your system causing your blood sugar to spike then fall rapidly and trick you into thinking you are hungry! In a weird, I’m-a-nerd-for-nutrition kind of way it was cool to understand what I was experiencing firsthand.



Not to say I NEVER will eat white foods (hello, cake) but generally and especially at home, whole wheat is the only way to go! I know if that pasta had been 100% wheat I would have been WAAAY more satisfied than I was. Just a little fun lesson… 🙂

So all week ribbons have been cropping up in my house. Monday there was a red one on my roses and I didn’t think anything of it.


Tuesday a yellow one appeared on my keys and I honestly just thought Zach tied one on there so I could find my keys in my purse easier (a great idea really!)


But by Wednesday when a random blue one appeared on the bathroom door I knew something was up…


Yesterday there was a black one with a note and apparently they are all leading up to something tonight. 🙂 I’ve got the sweetest guy!


Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – pancakes
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – pasta

337/1,400 miles.


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