24 Apr

I’m one week out from my next exciting trip!! I feel like I was literally JUST posting things like this about Colorado and now it’s on to South Carolina. Long distance does not hinder the close friendships in my life. 🙂 Yesterday was, of course, an activity packed day! Gazelle, spin and running club and my legs don’t even feel a bit fatigued today. Perhaps I am getting used to this “cardio-agressive” thing.

At spin class I did 68 minutes, burned 446 calories and guess what? I forgot to check my mileage. Oops. I am pretty sure I had over 24 but I never want to give myself extra mileage I didn’t earn, so I will count it as 21 in my records. (Remember for cardio mileage when cycling you divide the number by 3). When I got home after spin I had dinner in the crockpot but opted to eat after running club so that I could eat with Zach and take time to enjoy my food. Instead I popped a few grapes, relaxed for about 18 minutes and then Zach picked me up and we headed to the church. Running club is growing! We had the most people yet. 🙂 I was with the running group again, as was Zach. This time it was two guys, 3 pre-teen boys and me with another woman. She has actually ran a mini before but apparently last year whenever she tried to run more than 3 miles she would throw up. This was the first run she’d done in a long time and so she decided to go pretty slow. I ran with her so that she didn’t have to be alone and she made it without throwing up! Haha a good thing for both of us. Not running as fast resulted in getting only about 2.6 miles in during the 30 minutes (282 calories) but I think it was good to be able to support her.

We got home hungry and ready to eat the meal that had been smelling so good in the crockpot all day- Slow Cooker Enchiladas from Best of Country: Slow Cooker Recipes. 


I cooked lean ground beef + onion + green peppers on the stove. Drained and then mixed them with kidney beans, black beans, crushed tomatoes with green chiles, chili powder, salt, cumin, water and pepper and let the whole mixture simmer for a bit on the stove.

IMG_0177 IMG_0178

Then it was crockpot time.


The way it went down is I would layer some of the meat mixture, then a soft tortilla, then cheese (a mix of monterey jack + cheddar) and then do it again. And again. And again for 6 layers. Now let cook alllllllll day and smell wonderful!

I ate my piece with some FAGE and salsa and it was perfect.


This was filling and tasty and Zach ate more straight out of the crockpot because he couldn’t help himself. 🙂


Love when a dinner is this good!


We finished Goodfellas then watched some Walking Dead and called it a night. Almost the weekend again…

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/jam + granola, fruit
  • Lunch – apple w/PB, egg white scramble
  • Supper – grapes, 1 pc. enchilada casserole

334/1,400 miles. 71.5/150 running miles.




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