23 Apr

I’ve ran the past 3 evenings now and I don’t see it letting up yet! Sometimes it’s tough, but overall I am really enjoying this. Not to mention I am already noticing the benefits in my clothes. 🙂 So I promise I am going to be cooking dinner tonight. We have had so many events/leftovers/meals at parent’s lately that I haven’t needed to cook in what feels like forever! I miss it. But last night we were fed by Mom and I always love that. 🙂

First though was a workday where the kids were pretty manic. Thankfully I got to take them outside to burn off some of that energy! I did gazelle in the morning and Zach and I went for a Greenway run after work. This time we ran for 4 miles (42:23, 356 calories) and it was really nice. I absolutely love having a running partner, especially one who’s so cute. 🙂 We went to Mom’s for dinner after our run and were presented with…Easter! Kind of…


Half of it anyway! Mom knew how sad I was about missing out on two Easter favorites – deviled eggs and cheesy potatoes, so she made them!! It was such a sweet and unexpected surprise. Veggies and delicious pork chops were the other part of the meal and it was one of my favorite meals we’ve had over there in awhile!

Zach had to go to soccer and as usual I stayed at Mom’s awhile longer. Now that the Bachelor is over it’s become our new habit to watch Wheel of Fortune. I always want to be on that show. 🙂 We also watch to see if Mom’s wheel number ID comes up at the end for free money. So far no good…haha. Ended the night with snuggling and have another busy day ahead now! Just 8 days left until South Carolina…

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – blueberry oatmeal
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – pork chop, veggies, potatoes, deviled egg

323/1,400 miles. 69/150 running miles. (I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be able to meet my running goal this year…) 🙂


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