22 Apr

What a sweet guy I have! I had two different “surprises” yesterday from him and they were both thoughtful and kind. The first was that I found these on our dining room table-


He had went to the store and got groceries and when I walked through the dining room after he had gotten back they were just sitting there with a note that said “Happy Anniversary”. 🙂 It wasn’t an actual anniversary per say, but we had been together for 10 years and 11 months yesterday and he decided to recognize it! We used to say happy anniversary to each other every month on the 21st (since that is both our dating and wedding anniversary) but the longer you’ve been together, the more the months run together. The other surprise comes later…

First though was the gazelle, a nice warm afternoon for letting the kids play outside and then an unfortunately short TRX. I got off work late and missed the first 5 minutes, then had to leave early and missed the last 5 minutes. For the 35 minutes I was there I managed to work as hard as possible and get .55 in. The reason I had to leave early is because Vicki and I had to head clear to the other side of town for TB tests. Part of being a daycare owner means getting a TB test (it’s a shot) every year and it was that time again. The urgent care place was packed and luckily we got in right under the wire. We got our shots, have to go get them read on Thursday and that will be it for another year.

Zach and I had plans to eat leftovers and then go for a run but the TB test took so long that Zach ate leftovers before I got home. I decided that it was getting late enough that it was now or never for the run so I swung by home, picked him up and decided that dinner could wait! We went to the Greenway to get in 2 miles (20:23 and 193 calories). They weren’t the easiest considering I had already done TRX and was starting to get hungry, but I was still so glad we went. I am trying to run more frequently and am definitely kicking my cardio up a notch since I only have NINE days left until South Carolina and want to look my best. 🙂

When we got home I jumped in the shower and when I got out…surprise number 2-


Zach had fixed me something to eat! I was just going to throw some food together with leftovers but he presented me with a plate of celery + PB and a smoked sausage omelette. Just because I’d been “working so hard” he said. 🙂 Love that guy! Oh! I don’t think I mentioned but Bible study was cancelled, that’s why we had all that unusual Monday stuff going on. Starting to get pretty excited for South Carolina now…

Monday Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – fruit (lots and lots of leftovers from Saturday), one slice of toast w/PB
  • Lunch – broccoli & cauliflower w/cheese
  • Supper – celery w/PB, omelette

317.5/1,400 miles. 65/150 running miles.


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