21 Apr

Easter weekend catch-up time! My do I have a lot to talk about… Going back to Friday, I had a really fun workout partner after work – my husband! Zach joined me for TRX to try it out and it was great. I don’t think it’s something he is going to start doing all the time (although he did really enjoy it!) but I just loved having him there to be able to experience everything that I am always talking about. Plus I totally kicked butt during the class since I had to look all impressive in front of my man. 😉 It was a great 45 minutes (.67 miles) and I am so glad Zach was there too. It was my usual Monday teacher because she was subbing for the Friday guy. The class wasn’t as tough as last Friday and didn’t leave me as sore, but it was still a good workout nonetheless. Got my gazelle done in the morning also.

After work Zach and I were supposed to be having a family dinner with his parents and Trent and Mary but it was postponed so we had date night instead! First thing was perhaps my favorite part of the whole night- the roof!

IMG_0004 IMG_0006

This is the first time in 2014 that I have gotten on the roof and I was THRILLED. I absolutely love hanging out up there and who better to do that with than my husband?! And some wine of course. We sat up there for over an hour just talking and enjoying the beautiful weather and our white wine. While watching everyone drive by and not notice us we determined that 1 out of every 10 cars would see that we were on the roof. We were totally right! Literally, 9 cars drove by without looking and then the 10th one did. Then out of the next 10 cars only one noticed again! Each time a car noticed us they waved though. 🙂 It was a perfect time on the roof.

IMG_0009 IMG_0018 IMG_0026

After the roof we were starting to get hungry and we headed to Puerta for dinner. We shared chips and queso and a 1/2 order of chicken nachos. Hillary came and joined us at the end and we all 3 shared a drink!


We went back to our house and hung out for awhile and got back on the roof because Hillary wanted to. 🙂 Everyone else loves the roof too.

IMG_0048 IMG_0060

A couple of Hillary’s friends came over and they wanted to go to Locker Room. Zach and I aren’t big fans of going out, so we went just for a short bit…

IMG_0065 IMG_0067 IMG_0070

Then the 3 of us left and ended up staying up quite late which resulted in no yoga Saturday morning! Oops. Haha, oh, did I mention that since we ended up not having family dinner I made this Friday the night for a drink instead and now won’t be having any this coming Friday. That means no more drinks at all until South Carolina!

Anyway, back to Saturday. We had a pretty lazy day besides buying a bunch of fruit and spending forever chopping it all up to make a big fruit salad. This was to take to our Bible study game night that we had that evening! One of the family’s from Bible study was hosting us all and we ended up having such a fun night. We played Charades, Catchphrase, Logo Game and Oodles of Doodles and laughed the entire night. I didn’t take any pictures since these people aren’t that used to me and my crazy camera attachment yet but we switched up teams every time and had a total blast. The food was plentiful and delicious as well! I ate a brat (no bun), fruit, cheesy potatoes, veggies and dip, veggie pizza plus a brownie and small piece of carrot cake! Such an excellent get-together. It was also great getting to know these people better in such a fun setting and we came away with some jokes that I do believe people will never live down. 🙂

Sunday morning brought Easter! Though it didn’t feel like it because we had anything but traditional Easter plans. The only “Easter” thing about our day was going to church. Well, that and the little egg hunt we had for Mom and Dad. Usually we have a big Easter meal with Mom, Dad, Grandma and Larry (and sometimes with even more of Mom’s family) but Grandma was sick this year and we didn’t feel like putting on a huge Easter dinner so there was no cooking at all! The four of us went to Red Lobster for lunch where my “Easter dinner” consisted of fish, veggies and salad!


Haha, not very conventional and I DID miss the deviled eggs and desserts and ham and all that jazz (though I am sure my waist doesn’t) but once in awhile plans get changed! After lunch we came home to take some pictures in our Easter finery-

IMG_0116 IMG_0120

…which turned into pure silliness in no time.

IMG_0123 IMG_0127 IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0132 IMG_0136

That’s my family for you. 🙂

IMG_0142 IMG_0144 IMG_0146 IMG_0148

Zach and I had a “one-egg hunt” for Mom and Dad in the backyard.

IMG_0158 IMG_0164

They eventually found their egg…after some extra time and quite a few clues! 😉 After the hunt it began- Easter day game marathon. We each put $10 in a golden egg and at the end of the day whoever had the most points would win the egg. We played Balderdash, Bananagrams, Scattergories, Charades and Nerts.


I was actually winning until Nerts and then Zach and Mom pulled ahead. After some ferocious game playing Mom came out victorious! Like the wonderful mother she is though, she used the money to buy us all Chinese take-out for dinner which we ate on the patio. First time to eat outside this year!!

Once Mom and Dad left Zach and I set out in the neighborhood for a 20 minute walk because it was such a nice night. You won’t believe what we did next…we came home, sat around for a few minutes, then went for a run! I know, we just finished a walk but we felt the lack of exercise from the day, had some energy to burn and it was just so nice out that we headed back outside. This time we hit the Greenway and ran 3 miles in 30:53. Not the fastest time (I blame the Chinese food) but it was great to get an unexpected 5k in! What a crazy Easter indeed. 🙂 The night ended with Zach, me and another movie off the IMDB top 250.

313.5/1,400 miles. 63/150 running miles.


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