14 Apr

How is it that I get so behind on the weekends?! I always tell myself I will post at least once, if not twice. Then I blink and it’s Monday morning! I guess that just means I am too busy enjoying myself. 🙂 Well let’s back it up to Friday shall we? Vicki did a good job running daycare in the morning and I got a little break. Then Friday after work I went to the gym for…TRX! I have been wanting to incorporate more strength into my week and so I signed up for the Friday TRX class to see how I would like it going twice a week. I didn’t like it. I loved it! This instructor was a guy (also named Jordan!) and he operated class completely different from my Monday sessions. It was a lot tougher but I really enjoyed the style of the class and I know I got a fantastic workout in. We had a 50 minute class (but no Fitbit distance, he didn’t incorporate cardio so I don’t get any significant mileage) and I am going to sign up for Fridays from now on.

If you remember from my post Friday morning, Mom had a surprise night planned for us so after the gym I changed and headed over to find out what it was! Set up all over the kitchen when I arrived was….Fondue night!


Mom made a cheese fondue and a bouillon fondue (for meat) and had such an assortment going on-

IMG_9910 IMG_9908

For the cheese we had several kinds of veggies, tortilla chips, crusty bread, apples and breadsticks. Our meats were chicken and beef with 6 different dipping sauces she made that were all delicious!

IMG_9907 IMG_9906

It was so much fun getting to fondue at home and I loved everything that I tried. The sauces were great for variety on the meats. It would be hard to say what my favorites were but I did particularly like the breadsticks in the cheese, the chicken in the spicy honey mustard and the steak in a peppercorn sauce. Loved every bite! I also got to enjoy wine with dinner, yay!

After dinner Dad lit the tiki torches and made a fire and Mom and I sat on the back porch talking for quite awhile. It was such a beautiful evening to sit outside!

IMG_9917 IMG_9923

I decided to take Mom on an “adventure” and took her over to one of Zach’s properties that he had fixed up so that she could see the finished product. She enjoys seeing houses after they have been flipped like I do. 🙂

IMG_9925 IMG_9927

It was a wonderful Friday evening, though I did miss Zach, especially when I had to go to sleep alone!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB, 1 slice cinnamon raisin toast w/FF cream cheese
  • Lunch – egg white scramble
  • Supper – cheese fondue, meat fondue, 3 1/2 glasses of wine (throughout the night)
  • Snacks – a few chips, reese cups

Saturday morning I took off for yoga with Vicki and I was soooore from TRX. I got in a good hour of yoga but I could definitely feel the burn in my shoulders and knew that I would only be more sore after class. It was a good feeling though. 🙂 After yoga Vicki and I ran by a store and then went to lunch at Barn Brasserie! She had never been and I knew she would love it and I was really excited to check out there latest menu (it changes frequently). I ended up going with the lunch special and had an egg and bacon sandwich on a house made biscuit with sage aioli. I subbed my side of fries for maple bacon kale- a good choice! Vicki got a reuben burger with fries and she ordered their soup of the day, beer cheese, which we shared. Everything was fabulous! I expect no less than fabulous when I eat there now. Vicki really enjoyed it too. Unfortunately I have no pictures for you since my camera was at home! We sat and talked well past eating and it was really great mother & daughter-in-law time. 🙂

We parted ways after lunch and I went right to the Greenway. It was GORGEOUS out and I had to take advantage! I didn’t wear shorts but I should have because it got up to 76 degrees and I actually got HOT during my workout. I ran the first half mile and then alternated walking & reading with running. It was soooo great to get in a nice, long Greenway reading session like I used to last year. I did a total of 1 hour and 8 minutes (4.45 miles and 430 calories). I loved every single second of Vitamin D that I soaked up! Remember how people always comment on my reading and walking ability? Well funny enough two bikers were going by and I heard “Speaking of Jordan…” and it was a friend from church with her younger sister. She said she had JUST been telling her sister how “Jordan Rabenstein can run and read at the same time” (she has seen me at the Y running while reading on the treadmill) and then they came across me doing what else but walking and reading?! We all had a good laugh.

Back home to change before going over to my parent’s yet again. I hadn’t initially had plans with them for Saturday night but Saturday afternoon Dad called and asked if I’d go to dinner with them. It was so nice that he wanted to go to Wolfies, a restaurant with a great patio overlooking a marina and of course I couldn’t say no! I hadn’t been out to Wolfies in a couple of years and it was really fun to go back. (Of course that means I added one extra drinking day to April because what else is a gorgeous, patio day at Wolfies good for?!) It was super windy out but we still had a fantastic time outside overlooking the water.

IMG_9940 IMG_9941


I got an angel hair pasta that had mushrooms/sun-dried tomatoes/artichoke hearts and a slice of garlic bread that was very good!


I was just fed by family all weekend. 🙂 When we got back home we played Scattergories out on the porch and observed a beautiful sunset.

IMG_9967 IMG_9969 IMG_9970 IMG_9973


The beautiful day/night was like a gift weather-wise after such a rough winter. I hung out awhile longer before heading home to await my husband’s arrival. He didn’t get home until after midnight and I was asleep on the couch but it was so great to have him back! I always miss that guy when we’re apart! No Saturday food journal because I nibbled on so many random bites at Mom and Dad’s that I don’t feel like cataloging it all. Why do I always want to snack on things more at their place? It’s got to be a residual childhood thing… 🙂

Okay, are we at Sunday now? Church! That was the first thing of course. It was followed by and incredible brunch at Barn. Yes, Barn again. 🙂 Zach and I were celebrating because we officially have ALL our money for taxes which is an enormous relief. I love all the food at Barn but I am beginning to think brunch may be my favorite… Zach got the PB&J pancakes with a side of bacon. It was one blueberry pancake and one other type of pancake covered in their house made PB + fresh blueberry compote. Oh my word it was to die for. My meal was HUGE! I got the breakfast poutine and we devoured it. Fries with cheese curds covered in sausage gravy with 2 eggs, pretty much a dream meal for me. We left full and happy. 🙂

While Sunday wasn’t as beautiful sky-wise as Saturday was, it was still very warm and we had to take advantage. Zach and I headed out to the reservoir and got in a 26 minute walk on a cool trail (1.2 miles, 127 calories). The trail was through a conservancy and funny enough I realized it was the exact same trail off the Greenway that Mom and I had done in the fall when we stumbled across a pond and all kinds of things. It took me a bit to realize that though because all the super tall grasses were cut down and everything looked totally different! I wish I had taken my camera because we saw a cool bridge, a train trestle and the pond. After our walk we took a blanket down by the reservoir to read! It is so much fun just laying out together in the warm weather reading books. I love that he loves to read now. 🙂

IMG_9974 IMG_9977 IMG_9989

Our adventure continued afterwards with a trip to a local establishment, Hunnicutt’s, for some ice cream. I got a small and it was enormous! I ate some and put the rest in the freezer for later. Then it was time for Zach and I to go to our Sunday night class where we discussed worship and had a good time of learning. Zach had plans with the guys after our class so he dropped me off at Mom’s and she and I went for a walk by the river. We got in a good 53 minutes (2.78 miles and 285 calories). It was still so nice and warm out and we saw turtles and ducks on their nests and lots of geese and talked about everything under the sun. Walking is such a great bonding time with people! I always say I love exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.

I went home to eat leftovers and Hillary came over for awhile to visit. We did some vacation planning because it looks like this summer Hillary, Zach and I will be heading down to West Palm Beach for the first week of our vacation! More on that later… I finished the rest of my ice cream and went to bed when Zach got home. And THAT was my weekend!

Still pretty sore from the combination of yoga and TRX this weekend and now it’s already time for Monday night TRX! Hope I survive…

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – berries
  • Lunch – breakfast poutine (shared meals with Zach of course)
  • Supper – leftover pierogies, ice cream

281.5/1,400 miles. 57.5/150 running miles.


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