9 Apr

Have I mentioned lately how happy healthy days make me? Oh, I did yesterday? Well I am saying it again. 🙂 I just need to keep reminding myself of that when I want to eat everything in sight… Yesterday was fantastic! On the workout front I had a good variety: gazelle in the morning, 20 minutes of yoga at nap time and then a 37 minute walk/run with Zach on the Greenway. The yoga was an online video I watched by Alexandria Crow (I think was her name). It was a free one and it had some really challenging stuff in it! The whole video was centered around being able to do a “pick up and back” or something like that and it had me shaking. I think I will try it again and see if I can get better at it. It was not as nice out as I might have liked for the Greenway, but the temperatures were at least moderately warm and we had bursts of sunlight. Zach and I walked a little, ran half a mile, walked longer, sprinted half a mile and then walked the rest for 2.5 miles and 233 calories. Dare I say it, sprinting the half mile together was actually…fun!

On the food front I had good food all day and dinner was made by Mom.


I actually remembered to take a picture at her house for once, steam and all! We had seasoned broccoli + cauliflower, a piece of garlic bread and a crockpot meal called “Shipwreck”. It was a casserole mix of ground beef, potatoes, cheese, onions, tomato sauce, kidney beans, some spices and perhaps some other things. It was all good! I hung out with Mom after dinner for awhile since Zach had to coach indoor soccer. We make a pretty good team at Wheel of Fortune. 🙂 Another day ahead and I’ve got an exciting form of exercise going on AFTER spin tonight, I’ll let you know tomorrow!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/jam + granola
  • Lunch – big bowl of broccoli + cauliflower w/cheese
  • Supper – 1 slice garlic bread, casserole, veggies

258/1,400 miles. 55/150 running miles.


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