4 Apr

I get to see my friend Jami about once every 3 or 4 months. We always have a great time but are just both always so busy! Well yesterday was time for another meet up. I did gazelle in the morning, breezed through the workday and then took off for Indy at 1 when my sub got here. Got to Jami’s, dropped off my car and we took hers downtown for a day on our beloved Mass Ave.


We began our day at Old Point Tavern. We had a drink and the day started to get warmer and the sun even came out a bit so we sat out on the patio!

IMG_9809 IMG_9811

I love sitting on patios. Yay spring! While we were out there Jami got a call from a landlord about an apartment she and Tim (her husband) are interested in. The apartments just happen to be RIGHT off Mass Ave so we walked over and had a tour. I can’t wait til she lives here- somewhere to stay right downtown within walking distance of everything fun! After this we walked down to Ball and Biscuit and sat right by huge open windows and had really fun, fancy cocktails.


This place has got an awesome vibe and we were just about the only people there (it was only 4:30 after all). A walk down to Tini for one last drink was our next excursion. We walked a lot this day! Even though I had no formal exercise beyond the gazelle I burned almost as many calories as I do on a normal day with workouts.


Time for food! We were hungry at this point and walked just two places down to a brand new Indy restaurant – Liberty Street. Jami says it just opened in March and it was packed but luckily we got a table. I could tell they were overwhelmed but I think this place can really be something, the food was awesome! Jami and I decided to go family style and share stuff so we got their Locos Tacos, Kettle Blu Chips and macaroons.


Best macaroons I have ever had. We each had half of each one (so the equivalent of 2) and they were divine! I have even had macaroons from a French creperie where the ingredients come from France and these beat out even those. I could eat these all day. The filling was flavorful and plentiful and the outside was the right blend of soft and crisp. Here are the tacos-


We each had one and they had a lemon crema, avocado pico, fried chicken pieces and other ingredients I don’t remember. They were awesome!! Our other dish of kettle chips-


These had blu cheese, tomatoes and other things that I didn’t notice due to how fast they were consumed! This place gets a big thumbs up from us both and I would love to go back. We stayed around and visited for awhile before calling it a night and heading home. Exciting news though, I don’t have to wait 3 months to see Jami again, we have a double date coming up on May 10th now!! We have some fun plans too, but more on that later…

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 poached egg on toast, 2 slices turkey bacon
  • Lunch – berries (that’s all I had since I didn’t know what our afternoon would bring or when we would be eating again)
  • Supper – 1 taco, 1/2 order of kettle chips, 2 macaroons, drinks throughout the day
  • Snack – chips and salsa (was a little hungry still when I got home so I munched on these while Zach and I watched Netflix)

249/1,400 miles.


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