2 Apr

It was a good bit windier yesterday than on Monday but it was still nice enough to get the kids out! It was also nice enough that Mom and I went for a Greenway walk after work. (29 minutes, 1.7 miles and 173 calories) I also did the gazelle in the morning but no yoga-type workout in the afternoon. I know yoga is supposed to help sore muscles but my shoulders felt so wrecked from TRX I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!

Dinner was pretty easy to put together after the walk since I had already thinly sliced 8 (yes, 8!) cloves of garlic in the afternoon. That’s a lot of garlic! The recipe was Penne with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage from Now Eat This. While I had whole wheat penne cooking in one pot, I was browning italian turkey sausage in the other.



During the last couple of minutes for the pasta I threw our substitution for broccoli rabe in the boiling water – a mix of collard greens and some other weird ones I’d never heard of (we couldn’t find broccoli rabe at ANY of our stores!). It cooked down and all of that was drained. Meanwhile the sausage was removed from it’s pan and the garlic went in and cooked. Next were red pepper flakes and chicken broth. The pasta + greens went into the pan with the broth and it all cooked together until the starch was released from the pasta and thickened the broth. Last step was tossing with sausage and parmesan cheese!

IMG_9804 IMG_9807

Presto! A one-dish wonder!


I liked this a lot and Zach loved it! Best of all since it was from Now Eat This it had been health-ified from 1,261 calories a serving to 314. Yes. 🙂


It was incredible that there wasn’t really a sauce on this and yet it tasted like it and the ingredients all worked together perfectly! Zach had to coach indoor soccer after dinner and I spent the evening with my new Netflix obsession, One Tree Hill. I am loving this show so far!!

Sadly today is gloomy, rainy and cooler out but I can honestly say that the grass looks greener this morning so that’s a plus! I just can’t wait for shorts weather… Spin class tonight + dinner at the parent’s!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 3 slices of turkey bacon, banana w/PB
  • Lunch  – egg white scramble
  • Supper – pasta

239/1,400 miles.


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