1 Apr

Thank goodness for warmer weather! Although it doesn’t look like it will stay warm for too terribly long… Yesterday was high 60’s though and I got to get the kids outside for recess and I am hoping to do the same again today! At the end of the workday I assembled this mess:



What is that you ask? Chicken breasts seasoned with S+P, topped with sauerkraut (yes, sauerkraut), swiss cheese and then the final ingredient not pictured- a low-fat thousand island. I covered the dish with foil, stuck it in the fridge and went off to TRX for 45 minutes that completely destroyed my shoulders. It was KILLER on the upper body last night! Chalk up a low .5 in mileage for that (also did gazelle in the morning). On the way home from the gym I called Zach to preheat the oven and then popped the chicken in the oven right before Bible study began. It was so great to have Bible study again after the past two weeks were canceled! All during the study my chicken was cooking and smelling slightly stinky I thought…thanks sauerkraut. People told me it smelled good but I am not sure I believe them… Once everyone left dinner was served!

IMG_9798 IMG_9799

Alongside the chicken we had broccoli florets seasoned with Shoups. A good and filling dinner!


My recipe for the chicken came out of The Treasury of Creative Cooking and was called Baked Chicken Reuben. We enjoyed it a lot but it isn’t one I would just have to make again. I’ve decided I need to get pickier about our absolute FAVORITE recipes so that I am only compiling the best of the best to make again!


Fingers crossed for another nice day!

Monday Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana PB oatmeal
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – broccoli, chicken

236/1,400 miles.


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