25 Mar

Lunch time was a spectacular creation yesterday:


I made an egg white scramble with green peppers and mushrooms like normal. I reheated leftover pulled pork and mixed it with bbq sauce and stirred that into the eggs. Topped the whole thing with a runny egg and it made a pork-egg-bowl of perfection! I also had something happen that thus far I had only heard about-



the double yolk! I know with farm eggs this can be quite common but I’d never seen it before! Unfortunately the only reason I saw it then is because the egg was cracked and when I tried to pull it out of the container it broke in half and went everywhere so sadly I did not get to use my mutant egg…

I am so glad that I have a husband who can read a recipe and cook a meal! It really comes in handy sometimes. Last night was one of those times since he was cooking up a rather involved dinner while I was at TRX. It wasn’t necessarily a super hard recipe but it included lots of chopping/prep work. (I did help out a little by trimming snow peas and drying tofu at nap time…I also cooked brown rice on the stove at the end of the workday.) After work I got a good 45 minutes of TRX in (.51 miles) and came home to dinner.

Zach made Veggie and Tofu Stir Fry that had been torn out of a Cooking Light.


This meal, while good, isn’t one I would absolutely have to make again. It seemed pretty time consuming for a “pretty good” result. It just involved so many fresh components that had to be tended to – green onions, snow peas, garlic, ginger, carrots, bok choy, tofu and maybe more?


We ate it over brown rice and even though I said I wouldn’t make this, I still ate every bite. 🙂 It still tasted good to me! (Also hooray for having natural light for dinners again!!)


After dinner Zach said he had a surprise for us for the evening and then whisked me off to see Divergent!!! We’d both read the book and I was sooo excited to watch the movie. I had heard people say they thought it was even better than the first Hunger Games movie. We disagree. I liked the movie, I really did. Overall it was a good book-to-movie adaptation (though there were a few things they changed that I had a bit of a problem with). The difference was character development. In the Hunger Games, at least to me, Katniss IS Katniss, Peeta IS Peeta, and so and so forth. In this movie, while the acting was good, I still felt it was just actors playing roles. They didn’t totally envelop the personalities of the characters that I would have liked to have seen. We really did enjoy the movie though and I look forward to seeing the next one!

Gazelle time was also done for Monday morning!

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – strawberries + grapes, cinnamon sugar toast
  • Lunch – pork egg bowl, PB + syrup bread (I was munchy and still hungry at lunch so I mixed a small bowl of PB and syrup, something my Mom always did when I was a kid. Then I dipped whole wheat bread in it and ate it. Sounds strange, tastes awesome!)
  • Supper – Tofu rice bowl, M&M’s (m&m’s are probably my favorite movie treat :))

217/1,400 miles.


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