24 Mar

How do the weekends seem to go so quickly? Once again it’s Monday and I’m back in the grind! Saturday I woke up surprisingly refreshed even after a late night and I ate my banana and headed to yoga with Vicki. We did a ton of sun salutations in “celebration” of the spring equinox and they got tiring! It didn’t feel like a celebration…haha! We worked on Warrior 3, a supine something that I forget, eagle, and I’m sure other things I am forgetting since the sun salutations dominate my memory. It was a good hour class and I still feel a bit of the burn in my shoulders today even. After yoga it was to the Y for some cardio. I did the treadmill for 35 minutes, running sprints for the first 30. I got in 2.76 miles and burned 260 calories. Sprints are always a good workout and they make the time go really fast!

Zach and I had a fun Saturday together in the afternoon. We cleaned, menu-planned, went over to his brewery that he and Steven have in Steven’s basement to watch a little bit of the process (Steven and a friend were brewing), went to Goodwill to get some new work jeans and had some GREAT finds! and then ate at Puerta for a late lunch/early dinner. I hadn’t had Puerta in a long time! It rocked. 🙂 After this we went home and got ready for a small group of people that were coming over.


Zach and I used to host poker parties at least a couple of times a year and they were always fun tournaments. Zach had been wanting to do one again and we didn’t have a huge response, but the party went on! We had a 6 person tournament and I ended up coming in second. 🙂 At least I won both Zach and I’s money back!


The top two poker stars-


It was so much fun playing! I had forgotten just how much I enjoy texas hold ’em. We need to host another tournament soon and with more people! What a great time.

Sunday I finally got to do something that I have been wanting to do pretty much since I heard about it- had brunch at Barn Brasserie! Zach and I still had one more gift certificate for there from Christmas and we decided to put it to use. I follow Barn on Facebook and every week they post their brunch specials and my mouth waters and now that I have done it I am going to have to do it again…and again. I love brunch and theirs was amazing! I started with a mimosa-


It’s just not brunch without a mimosa or bloody mary! 🙂 For my meal I ordered their French Toast Bread Pudding and it came with a side of bacon and oranges:



It kind of looks like meatloaf in this picture… Haha but don’t let that put you off, it was awesome!! The glaze on it was so sweet and thick and dipping the salty bacon in it made the perfect combo. The bacon was thick and smoky and I loved it but the french toast took the show. Zach and I traded our meals several times though because his salty/savory dish totally offset my sweet one.



He had the Cajun Biscuit Bowl which was 2 runny eggs over red peppers, andouille sausage, gravy, homemade biscuits and chorizo. (I think) It was also wonderful! I am so thankful we have at least one really great place to eat in Muncie. 🙂

We got some grocery shopping and stuff done and then Zach went to watch the UNC game and Mom and I went to Tonne! I hadn’t been out there in a long time and it was fun to sit around having riesling and pretzels and talking with Mom. We also hit up Kohl’s to use some coupons and then had a fierce battle of Upwords. I started out really strong and then Mom won. I feel like I don’t win games very often…this needs to change. We had a fun evening together and then the night ended with Zach and I watching Parks and Rec and cuddling on the couch. 🙂 Apparently he has a surprise for tonight, can’t wait!

215/1,400 miles.



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