19 Mar

So I think it’s time to finally get up my last Colorado post. Just a week and a half late right? 🙂 Sunday morning Kori and I cleaned up and shut down the whole cabin and hit the road for Denver. It’s a beautiful drive back through the mountains!

IMG_9505 IMG_9511 IMG_9516 IMG_9519

We arrived at Greg and Dan’s not sure what the day would bring. Kori wasn’t flying out until the next day and my flight was not until 7pm, so we had almost a whole free day in Denver. Turns out Greg had made brunch reservations for us at an awesome place called Charcoal!


Brunch. was. awesome. We had bottomless Bloody Mary’s (that you could switch for mimosas if you wanted, which we did once) and the food here was spectacular. Kori had a really good eggs benedict with gravlax (like salmon) and I liked hers but mine was completely drool-worthy. I would get my breakfast over and over and over again. It was a pork green chile burrito and it was huge and I ate it all! Every single bite was flavorful and fresh and incredibly delicious!!


After brunch we drove around Denver some getting a driving tour and then we went to a place called Hamburger Mary’s to meet a few of Greg and Dan’s friends. It was a beautiful day in the 70’s (warmest I’d been in months!) and we sat out on the patio and had a drink and a really, really good time.


Us with Greg and Dan-


We met several people, here’s one of their friends Brook-


Thanks, Uncle Greg for trusting us to stay at your cabin for a whole weekend by ourselves!!



Sadly even amazing days must come to an end and before I knew it I was dropping Kori off at her hotel, returning the rental car and heading to the airport. Everything went well with my flight and I landed at almost midnight in Indiana to have a tired but happy reunion with my husband. Another trip in the books!

I am back on real time finally! All caught up…until my next trip that is… 🙂 So yesterday I did gazelle in the morning and set out to do some yoga at nap time. I popped in a yoga DVD that I haven’t played in literally years and got started. Got a few minutes in and…it wigged out. Turns out it is super scratched up and won’t play over half the session! I did what I could and then gave up on it and went through my own serious of sun salutations! I must be learning a decent amount of yoga because I got through 3 full flows and didn’t miss a beat. I even feel the soreness in my shoulders today! I am not going to start doing yoga on my own always though, next time I’ll do the Insanity version!

After work I went over to Mom’s and we went on a 33 minute walk (1.76 miles and 160 calories). Then we ate a yummy dinner made by Mom! Tilapia with capers, parsley potatoes, cheesy saucy vegetables (my favorite part!) and bread with oil (I had half a slice). Zach had to go coach indoor soccer and I had family sing-a-long time! Haha well, sort of. Mom doesn’t sing, I sing badly and Dad plays piano and sings awesome. So Dad played songs and I sang with him sometimes. 🙂 It was fun. Then Mom and I watched Wheel of Fortune. I’ve always thought I’d be good on that show… Can’t wait for spin class tonight!

203/1,400 miles.


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