18 Mar

Dinners have been on a roll this week! A roll of being awesome that is. 🙂 Last night was supposed to be crock pot night because that’s always easiest with TRX followed by Bible study. I got out my recipe in the morning to start putting it together and Boom! Read that it should have been marinating overnight. Fail. So I decided to go ahead and make what I had planned for Thursday instead. I figured I would do as much prep as possible at nap time and then do the final steps as soon as Bible study was finished.

The recipe was Thai Shrimp Cakes from Cooking Light magazine. You know what? Way to Cook Vegetarian  is also by Cooking Light and I always love those recipes. I think this means Cooking Light has taken over Taste of Home as my new favorite go-to for recipes! Like I had planned, I did all the prep work I could at nap time which involved mincing garlic, chopping shrimp, cutting up cilantro and green onions and grating ginger.


Whenever a recipe calls for ginger I always chicken out and use the ground spice but this time I decided to go to it and for the first time ever I bought, peeled and grated my own ginger root. So glad I did because this added SUCH bright, delicious flavor to the dish. Right before I got off work Bible study was canceled. I was both excited to have more time with Zach and let down to not be digging into the parables some more. Win/win and lose/lose I guess?

TRX was great! SO nice to be back in that class. In the 45 minutes I got .55 miles on my Fitbit and burned my shoulders out majorly! Our class was challenging and I had to really push myself and I loved every minute of it. 🙂 (Also had gazelle time from the morning to contribute to my mileage.) When I got home I combined all the ingredients together that I needed to make my shrimp cakes.


They cooked on the stovetop in a little oil and I was afraid they would totally crumble but they held up pretty well. Here’s the finished product!


We each got 2 and they were awesome!! Every bite was flavorful and fresh and I would so make these again.

IMG_9647 IMG_9649

Zach agreed and we think maybe we like them even more than crab cakes. They just don’t sit as heavy and were surprisingly low-calorie. Peek inside of one…


While we ate we started yet another of our “top 250” movies- Saving Private Ryan. We’re barely 30 minutes into it and I think it’s going to be pretty sad! We only watched a bit of it because Mom and Dad came over to celebrate St. Patty’s! We played Nerts and we were totally decimating them at first but somehow they came back and beat us by just a few points. We also had Irish car bombs. I am normally strictly a wine drinker, but “when in Rome”…or is it Ireland? Haha Zach also played Irish music for us the whole time we had our card game and that was a whole ‘nother type of hilarity in itself.

IMG_9653 IMG_9659

*Quote of the night was me telling Mom that Dad was brining Guinness and Mom says “Who’s Dennis?!” HA!

Monday Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – grapes, 1 slice of toast w/cinn. sugar
  • Lunch – spag. squash w/egg, PB, 4 tiny choc. eggs (I usually resist the kids treats totally but our St. Patty’s day “gold” was just so cute!)
  • Supper – 2 shrimp cakes, Irish car bombs
  • Snack – sundae, few chips

Too many snacks lately! So I am enacting a no snacks rule for the next 3 nights. Not for Friday though, I have fun plans for Friday. 🙂

200/1,400 miles.


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