15 Mar

The sun was beginning to set at the cabin on Saturday night and Kori and I knew it was then or never for our next activity…building a snowman!


The snow had been packing fabulously during the day but now that the sun had went down it was much harder to work with and getting icy! We gave it our best shot though and came out with him-

IMG_9449 IMG_9454 IMG_9432

We named him Hoppy. 🙂 (We also named Greg’s outdoor speaker R-2 Willy but that’s another story…) Unfortunately all the self-timered pictures were a bit blurry but it was still a blast! Then we were witness to a beautiful mountain sunset.

IMG_9409 IMG_9412 IMG_9416


Of course we had to get dolled up for each other again.

IMG_9464 IMG_9487


Kori fixed us dinner on this night and made a delicious pasta! It had lemon and chicken and asparagus and some other things and we pretty much wolfed it down. 🙂



Then we took some more photos and played some more pool…

IMG_9499 IMG_9502


Before ending our night with hot tub round 5!

DSCF9693 DSCF9700

So yesterday. I was glad for a Friday with no plans! Although I was lamenting the fact that a week ago I was sitting in a hot tub in the Rockies… I did gazelle in the morning and had plans to run sprints at the gym but ended up keeping it at a 30 minute incline walk. I was just feeling pretty worn out and like I was fighting off a cold by the end of the workday. Did 1.7 miles and 152 calories.

Dinner was partly new/partly old. Zach and I reheated the chili-pizza-crockpot thing and he had it over spaghetti again. I decided to health mine up a bit though and had it over something new:


Spaghetti squash! I roasted my squash while I was at the gym and then turned it into spaghetti when I got home.


I loved it this way and it felt much lighter eating 2 servings than it did the last time! We are soooo close now to finishing Breaking Bad, just ONE episode to go. How on earth are they going to wrap this up?! Zach had an indoor soccer game and then we read together before an earlier Friday bedtime.

Friday Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana w/PB, 1 slice of Ezekiel toast w/jam
  • Lunch – egg white veggie scramble
  • Supper – 2 serv. of chili spaghetti squash, popcorn w/PB

*ACK! Just realized I forgot to post yesterday’s photos of Zach’s beautiful dinner creations. It has now been remedied!**

192.5/1,400 miles.

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