12 Mar

After we passed almost the whole day away in the hot tub on Friday we decided to make ourselves look more presentable.

IMG_9251 IMG_9252


Then took pictures…

IMG_9264 IMG_9271 IMG_9284


Then we decided we should make snow angels out on the deck in the 12″ + of snow.

IMG_9292 IMG_9297

They didn’t end up looking very much like snow angels…haha. After that we enjoyed our beautiful view before the sun set and we had dance party time.

IMG_9312 IMG_9319 IMG_9330 IMG_9336 IMG_9346 IMG_9350

We love dancing around like idiots. 🙂 Kori and I had decided before the trip that I would be cooking dinner one night and she would the other. Well Friday was my night and I made an incredible soup!!



It was a ham and potato soup that someone from my Bible study had made back for our Christmas party and I asked the recipe for. It turned out SO good! I need to make it again and put it on here.



We licked our bowls clean! After dinner it was hot tub round 3!



We really loved getting in that thing. 🙂 Then we started another scary movie and went to sleep half-way in and that was Friday!


Yesterday a walk was once again my only exercise. Mom and I did Greenway time again for 31 minutes, 1.88 miles and 174 calories. Then I worked on catching up on the Bachelor while Mom made an excellent dinner for us! It was SO good! We had beets, noodles romanoff (a pasta I always love), cinnamon-sugar apple tartlets and a cheesy, cracker crusted chicken. The chicken was especially awesome and I am going to have to make it sometime! I turned in early again last night and feel SO much more rested today. I am definitely still tired but I am getting more workouts in and eating better and those are both successes!

183/1,400 miles.


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