11 Mar

Kori and I, despite our very late night, woke up quite early Friday morning! We immediately raced to the windows to see our view since we could see absolutely nothing the night before.

IMG_9195 IMG_9201


It did NOT disappoint. How about a little tour? Upstairs sitting area:



Upstairs living room/TV room:



Pool room:



Downstairs sitting area (looking out to hot tub deck):



Dining area:






Master bedroom upstairs:



More beautiful views…



There was a bird feeder on our upstairs deck that constantly had pretty birds at it.



So Kori and I got up and watched some more scary movies, ate some food, had a miniature nap and before we knew it the mountains started to disappear and some snow started to fall.



We were wanting to make a trip down the mountain to pick up some stuff and we decided we had better leave right away before it got worse outside. Famous last words. So we head down the mountain to the local “Loaf n’ Jug” (a convenience store) and by the time we walk back out of the store it has turned into blizzard-like conditions. We head to back to the cabin and I am white-knuckling the steering wheel the whole way. It’s icy, it’s snowy, there are sharp curves, steep hills and steeper downgrades. Did I mention no visibility? Well we were about .7 from the cabin going up a slope when suddenly – stuck. Spinning tires, no possible traction and no way that our non-4WD vehicle will ever make it up the hill. I literally drive in reverse a quarter mile down a mountain with some guy and Kori guiding me from outside. We pull off onto a side area that is apparently designated for vehicles during snowstorms. We are there along with several other cars and a school bus full of children! Slowly parents of the kids keep showing up in their giant vehicles with huge tires and make it up the mountain no problem. After experiencing a little panic about having to leave our rental car on the side of a mountain in a snowstorm we locked it up, headed to the side of the road and, as we now say constantly – “Thumbs up, Thumbs out!” We were picked up instantly. Haha, 2 pretty girls in a snowstorm, what do you expect? Our guy was a very polite, middle-aged Hawaiian who builds decks on cabins. Despite him being as nice and proper as could be we were still a little apprehensive at having a strange man know where we were staying but there was no way we could hike up that mountain! He dropped us off and I left him the money that he refused in his glovebox. 🙂 Kori and I went inside and immediately poured large glasses of wine. It was a stressful experience!! Of course now it makes the most fantastic story and we talk about it constantly. 🙂 You never know what memories you are going to make on a vacation! The Loaf n’ Jug is forever etched into our vocabulary like the punchline of a great joke.

We took our drinks and hit the hot tub and let me tell you what I discovered. There are few things in this world that I enjoy more than sitting in a hot tub during a snowstorm. We had the BEST time.

DSCF9610 DSCF9611 DSCF9615


Uncle Greg has an amazing outdoor sound system that we used every single time we hot tubbed so of course that made us have hot tub dance parties…

DSCF9621 DSCF9626 DSCF9630


We were out there for a looong time and the snow piled up in our hair!



So that is basically what we did on day one- enjoyed our snowstorm, got the rental car stuck, hitchhiked and hot tubbed allll day!

DSCF9646 DSCF9649

Here are a few more of the wintry world it became…

IMG_9233 IMG_9237 IMG_9244

Yesterday I did NOT get my gazelle time in, big surprise there right? I also didn’t go to TRX partially because I was pretty exhausted but partially because it was 56 degrees and Mom and I were dying to get out on the Greenway! We got in a 34 minute walk (2.3 miles, 187 calories) and besides a little bit of wind it was gorgeous! So nice to be outside. She brought me back home just in time for Bible study. I was glad to get into God’s word but I was also fighting to keep my eyes open! Zach and I picked up takeout for dinner and I went to bed early. I slept fantastic but am still pretty wiped today. I think I need one more night of great sleep to feel caught up… Hopefully tomorrow! I also need to start inputting my food journal again, that was such a great tool before Colorado and helped me get to the lowest I’d been since Hawaii! I will start that again tomorrow too. I just need one more day with a pass… 😉

181.5/1,400 miles.



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