10 Mar

I can hardly believe that I am already back home. The past weekend feels like a dream! A wonderful, awesome dream. 🙂 Kori and I had the best time with so many adventures and stories and jokes, so much fun and we made the most of every minute that we had together. True to my style, I took a million pictures and I know it will take quite a while to get them all looked through and edited but I will get posts up about them as I go along. As much fun as we had I truly was ready to be home last night. I missed Zach like crazy and it was the best feeling to see him and hug him again!

So I left off with our incredible dinner Thursday night in Denver. After we ate we followed my Uncle Greg up to the cabin with a pit stop for groceries on the way. We were SO ecstatic to arrive!

IMG_9168 IMG_9169

Of course after Greg showed us around we had to get in the hot tub immediately. I think the hot tub was our favorite part of the trip, we got in it like 5 times!

DSCF9583 DSCF9589

Greg joined us which was a lot of fun! He was spending Thursday night at the cabin and heading out on Friday morning.



We all sat around out there having a drink and talking for quite some time. We could see soooo many stars and they were gorgeous! It’s so peaceful and serene up at the cabin. When we got out, after taking more pictures, we all played a game of pool.

DSCF9603 IMG_9177 IMG_9182 IMG_9184 IMG_9186

Greg beat us. 🙂 They have an incredibly good sound system in the pool room and we rocked out to music the whole time. They also have a really neat outdoor speaker that we played our music through every single time we got in the hot tub. It was excellent. At this point it was getting late and Greg turned in and Kori and I started one of our scary movies.



We only made it partway through because we were getting so tired! When we finally went to bed it was 4am for us back home! (Colorado is 2 hours earlier). The night was the perfect kickoff to an amazing weekend. More to come…



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