2 Mar

The days are flying by towards Colorado! (Though sometimes it feels like they are dragging…) Yesterday was wonderful. The day started off with yoga and we had a sub. I really enjoyed her! We didn’t do that many balance poses but we did a lot of binds and deep stretching poses that were very challenging. I actually wish I could alternate her class and my other teacher’s class every other week because they work such different things! We did frog, camel, tree, runner’s lunge, bridge and a few others that I didn’t catch the name of. After class I went to the Greenway. It was only 37 degrees but that is the warmest it’s supposed to be for awhile and I thought I should take advantage of it! I walked back and forth on that same little stretch that Mom and I did last weekend for 25 minutes with a book. The same older man with his dog kept walking past me back and forth as well. 🙂 I did 1.5 miles and burned 133 calories. 

Shortly after I got home a special date day with Zach began! He had led me to believe that he had a beer event and would be busy and then instead planned a special day/night for us since I’ll be gone next weekend! He is so sweet. 🙂 The first thing we did was go for a “walk” of sorts. Zach wanted us to be outside since it was a nicer day but he wanted to go somewhere different, so he took me out to the fields where he hunts and we walked around to all his different tree stands.

IMG_9094 IMG_9100 IMG_9107

I don’t think I want him to hunt anymore…those stands seem unsafe! Haha best if I don’t think about it… I should have set my FitBit because we were out there for over 45 minutes but I just didn’t think about it. It was fun to be outside and somewhere new though!

IMG_9098 IMG_9109

After our walk Zach took me to get an afternoon treat at Merk’s Sweet Shoppe. Merk’s is what was formerly known as Delta Greens, remember the ice cream shop/mini golf course Zach’s parents owned for a year? That one. 🙂 I got a small and my flavor was “bumpy cake” and it was REALLY good!!


Despite how large my small was, I ate all of it! We came home and lounged briefly then changed and headed to Indy. Our first stop was a restaurant/bar called Twenty Tap where we each got a beer and got to play darts! REAL darts. It’s hard to find anywhere that has a real dart board + darts in Indiana. I loved the saison I got and was really excited that you could get 10 oz. pours. That saves both money and calories! Zach beat me in our first game of darts (barely) and I crushed him in the second round. I like darts. 🙂 


After we played and finished our beer we headed really close by to a restaurant that I have been wanting to try since it opened – Delicia!! This place has gotten such great write-ups in “Indy Monthly” and I didn’t even know that Zach knew about it. I was so surprised and so pleased. I wish I had pictures of the inside because the decor is awesome but it was so packed that I would have felt conspicuous just shooting photos. I got to sit on a cushion-y bench surrounded by pillows. How cool is that? The restaurant had an upscale/desert vibe to it and we loved it! Their drink menu looked awesome but guess who refrained? That would be me. 🙂 One was all I wanted for the night! Zach got their signature cocktail though called “Fire and Ice” and it’s some type of margarita that is spicy and there is a huge ice ball in it. Inside the ice are herbs and spices that release into your drink as the ball melts. Too awesome.


They brought us out little, tiny cups of a broth to start out while we perused the menu.


We decided to an appetizer, an entree and a side and share all three. Saving money and calories yet again! Good thing too because their entree portions are huge here. We started with the jalapeños con queso de cabra: fried jalapeños, goat cheese, queso fresco, hibiscus habanero glaze.


I ate one and Zach had the other 2. I wasn’t so obsessed with it that I would have to get it every time, but they were still really, really good! For our entree we split pork carnitas tacos: carnitas, salsa fresca, lime, stewed black beans, herb green rice and we got a side dish of their vegetable flan.

IMG_9124 IMG_9125

The vegetable flan came in a tamale wrapper and was like a bunch of practically pureed vegetables with maybe cream cheese? We weren’t really sure what we were eating but we loved it! Zach said it was his favorite food of the night. The tacos were also very good. Again, I had one, Zach had two. 🙂 He likes this arrangement. While the pork was good, surprisingly the standouts were the delicious corn tortillas, the herbed green rice (which I put in my taco) and the stewed black beans (which I dipped my taco in). YUM! Okay. I want to go back now and order lots more. They also have a dessert they are known for but that is for next time. 🙂

We came home satisfied and happy and Zach drove us to his parents house. They were out of town on a vacation and he had set up their jacuzzi tub with candles and music and bubble bath and had wine chilling in their fridge (none of which I knew) and I waited in their living room wondering what he was doing. After a few minutes he came out with a sad look and told me to come back and I saw his adorable setup and then he told me that the water was cold because they had turned off the water heater! Bummer! I told him it really was the thought that counted and I thought it was so cute he had done all that. So we cam home instead and watched some Netflix before turning in. I didn’t need any wine anyway. 🙂


Saturday Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana w/PB
  • Lunch – vegetable egg scramble
  • Supper – 1 fried jalapeño, 1 taco, 1/2 small side of veg. flan, 1 beer
  • Dessert – “small” ice cream

160.5/1,400 miles.


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